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OCR 21st Century Physics GCSE

Discussion in 'Science' started by MathSci, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. MathSci

    MathSci New commenter

    How many of you seriously think that there's substantial physics in this syllabus? Was it meant for the weakest of the weak students who would be happy to spend two years learning some words in physics?
  2. michelleocrscience

    michelleocrscience New commenter

    The content for all the GCSE's in Physics from all boards is the same as it was set by the DfE. :)
  3. Skeoch

    Skeoch Star commenter

    ....and although the specifications define what is examined, you might well want to teach beyond that?
  4. MathSci

    MathSci New commenter

    Compare OCR Gateway Spec with 21st. You'll know the difference. I taught both. TFC Spec is an embarrassment.
  5. michelleocrscience

    michelleocrscience New commenter

    The difference between the two is that Gateway is content led whereas 21C the content is linked to contexts. The linking to contexts is great at promoting scientific literacy, and helps students to see how the science is relevant to them. Its about different styles of teaching the same content.

    If I can help at all we do offer to come into centre's to support or just talk about all our science quals old and new.
  6. MathSci

    MathSci New commenter

    michelleocrscience, Which of these would you personally recommend to a school where proper prep for A Level Physics is the priority?
    Scintillant likes this.
  7. Sisyphus_rolls_again

    Sisyphus_rolls_again Established commenter

    I've not taught the gateway...but I have taught the 21st Century.
    The 21st Century was great for teaching scientific method and how controversies were resolved / previous theories overthrown. It was not so good at delivering the content, though I still dip into the textbooks occasionally (maybe once a half term).

    As preparation for A level? AQA.
  8. michelleocrscience

    michelleocrscience New commenter

    That depends on which A-level you are teaching really. Gateway leads on to the OCR Physics A or AQA A-level which are both content led. Whereas the 21C leads on to the OCR Physics B A-level :)
  9. Jasmin_Mann

    Jasmin_Mann New commenter

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2016
  10. michelleocrscience

    michelleocrscience New commenter

    Hi Jasmin, Markschemes cannot be emailed as they are secure information. Contact your exams officer and they should be able to get your interchange unlocked or OCR contact the customer contact centre on: 01223 553998

    Kind regards
    Michelle Spiller
  11. bennyjohn5

    bennyjohn5 New commenter

    I have really enjoyed the P7 astronomy unit for the outgoing specification. Some exam questions can feel loose and lacking in meat - oddly enough the forces and electricity units seem to have had less calculations in recent papers.

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