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Occupational maternity pay advice! :)

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by chrissy4116, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone! I need some help with a problem I am having with regards to my maternity pay entitlements. In February this year, I found out I was pregnant but was currently working out my notice in my previous teaching role for Bolton council as I had gained a new teaching role for Oldham council starting in April this year. I contacted NUT then to find out what my maternity pay entitlements were and they said that although I wasn't entitled to statutory maternity pay, I was entitled to occupational maternity pay as I had 2 years continuous service with Bolton council, and my service with Oldham council up until the 11th week of my expected due date. After having sent in my details to Oldham Council, they have replied saying that I am not entitled to any maternity pay and that I may be entitled to maternity allowance (which I know I need to apply for as part of my occupational maternity pay). I don't understand this as I thought my continuous service with Bolton council would make me eligible for Occupational Maternity Allowance under the teacher's burgandy book! Can anyone clarify this! Kind regards Christina
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    The NUT was correct.
    What exactly does your letter from Oldham say? Does it say that you're not entitled to *any* maternity pay?
    I'd get onto them and ensure that they haev records of your service at the old LA.
    This all, presumes, of course, that both schools were covered by the Burgundy Book, i.e. no academy, or VA nonsense.
  3. My letter says that I am not entitled to SMP or OMP but give no reasons why. Just advises me to see if I qualify for maternity allowance. Both schools are community schools so are run by the LA. Unfortunately the lady who is dealing with it is on holiday till Wednesday. I've emailed them advising why I'm not entitled to OMP due to my previous continuous employment with another LA. I'm hoping that they have just overlooked my previous role and have just assessed me on starting my current role in April as then I wouldn't be entitled to anything but this should not be the case. Thanks for your response! Much appreciated as I'm getting quite apprehensive about it!

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