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observed lesson on condensation year 5 - help needed

Discussion in 'Primary' started by arcp, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. arcp

    arcp New commenter

    I'm being observed in science, the lesson is on condensation. I'm struggling to get started. If anyone has ideas I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Get a glass bowl. Pour in boiling water. Cover in clingfilm. Place ice cubes on the clingfilm. Get the children to observe what happens. The steam will rise, when it hits the cold clingfilm it will cool and turn into condensation. Note that there are no holes in the clingfilm so the water dripping down is not the ice melting. You could use food due and have ice cubes a completely different colour to the water to reinforce that it is not the melted ice cubes dripping through. Get children to draw what they see and more able write an explanation. If children still don't understand concept, put a can of coke in freezer. When it comes out it will be wet with condensation- water not coke.
  3. arcp

    arcp New commenter

    That's great thank-you just needed a starting point

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