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Observed lesson needed at interview??

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by senteachinginfo, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. The short answer to both questions is: it depends. Helpful, I know. Different schools do things differently. Often the job advert may let you know whether a lesson observation will form part of the interview process. Certainly when you're invited to interview you'll be given details of any lesson observations needed. If you've read the threads on these forums before, you'll realise that often the information given about the students is minimal. You will be able to ring for more info I should think but often they'll be looking to see what you can come up with and how you'll plan for what you find when you get there, ie have you got back up activities ready in case you find they are more or less able than you'd predicted.
  2. We just interviewed at my school (SEN teacher teaching Foundation learning but in mainstream school). Candidates taught 30min lessons with 1/2 class so 5 pupils knowing their names and basic info - "p8 - down syndrome - responds well to praise and visual clues".
    We were observing knowing that it is impossible to teach a good SEN lesson wihtout knowing the kids. Instead we looked for the basics - had you matched acitivites to pupils are were you expeciting all pupils to read and write? Was it all chalk and talk or were there enagaging activities.
    Those that did best - brought in things for the pupils to interact with (didn't just stand infront of powerpoint and talk), used visual queues, chatted to TAs prior to the lesson, challaneged pupils who weren't taking part and were warm and encouraging to the pupils.
    Hope that is helpful.

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