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Discussion in 'Primary' started by cb52, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. How many observations are we allowed to have??? We have all had one30 mins with head plus a 10 mins maths one with maths advisor-with formal feedback- and have just heard we have another pending after half term!!!!!! Everyone shattered and now this to look forward to! Great!!! Is it the amount of visits or the amount of time that is counted? We usually have 3, 30 min ones per year. we are also having various scrutinies every single week with formal feedback!.Is this the norm ? ??
  2. It sounds a hell of a lot but im not sure theres any legal guidelines about it - someone else may be able to tell you for definate.
    We have been observed once for 30 minutes this half term and have no plans for any more observations until after christmas.
  3. Sounds like you are in my school!
    As far as I am aware (and I may be wrong) the guidelines are no more than 3 formal observations, but they are only guidelines. I hope someone on here can prove me wrong.
  4. Thanks for your help!
  5. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Never heard of a 30 minute observation. Entire lessons only. Last year I agreed to 6 in total. I don't mind being observed and to be honest I like the challenge. This year I have had my observation for PM, now waiting for Ofsted.
  6. The current performance management agreement says a maximum of 3 hours of observations for PM appraisals BUT other observations as deemed necessary for monitoring purposes.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up! All staff finding it very stressful but maybe we need to get used to it! Our Head does very frequent learning walks so we are used to seeing him. I suppose that we feel what with weekly scrutinies with formal feedback and obs its pretty full on! Are all schools like this now? I am an experienced teacher but never experienced this before!
  8. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    it all depends what observations are for, what purpose they actually serve - not the propaganda put out by HT unions, DFE twonks and endless advisers, but the reality on the ground. As with PM, if the process is about supporting, developing, encouraging, reflecting, improving all well and good, it's just a fact that it too often isn't.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I work in a part of the school doing group work which is a walkway for many people. Sometimes I feel like I get observed a lot. [​IMG]
    We have had a lot of "learning walks " recently - announced first thing in the morning - but no real feedback on what they "learnt" on their walk.
  10. WHat is up with being observed?
    I think observations should be unannounced as and often as someone deems fit.
    As someone who rarely changes a lesson for an observation I dont see the problem, I often find it is those people who like to plan for a week for a single lesson obs are the ones who complain about these things.

  11. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I have no problem with observations. If anyone worried about HT or anyone else dropping into their lesson then I'd wonder what they had to hide.
    Every HT knows that not all lessons are full of bangs and whistles - but children should at least be learning something and actively engaged for at least most of the lesson. It's what we're paid to do, after all.
    Our HT recently mentioned that the 'guidelines' on the maximum number of observations is likely to be scrapped, anyway.
    A school with an 'open door' policy where the HT frequently drops in, even if only to see what's happening in classes, is a far healthier one than one in which the HT hides in their office all day or is permanently out of school.
  12. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I should add that we also benefit from not having to do the extremely detailed planning that seems to be common in many schools. Our planning is fairly sparse and doesn't take much time to do, the tradeoff being that we're happy for the HT to drop in at any given moment. The idea is that what goes on in class is far more important than what's on paper. This makes perfect sense, as far as I'm concerned.
  13. coffeecakes

    coffeecakes New commenter

    I'm feeling weary of it all too. Head comes around a few times a week for unannounced drop ins and outcomes are fed back in staff meetings (very public). Already been observed for PM and got two more obs with head scheduled for after half term. Been observed by church-link (we are a church school) and am due to observed by a governor after half term too. I don't mind being observed when I am given constructive feedback but the church-link and governor do not give any feedback to staff, just to SMT which I think it a bit unfair and we are not shown the criteria they use for obs. This is the case for all staff not just me! We are also expected to do some peer observations of each other before Christmas.

    We do not have this deal - despite the constant monitoring our planning is 2 sides of A4 per lesson.

    I'd just like to have a week of pure teaching without the constant inspections and observations!
  14. The "rule" is that there should only be a max of 3 hours of observations for PMgt purposes per academic year. This could be 6 x 30 min obs. The obs should be focussed on PM objectives but can have a side focus as well. The aim of this is to help deuce the total number of obs for different purposes. So if a PM target was to stretch the more able an obs would focus on this but might also look at SEN provision if this were part of an overall school objective; rather than having 2 separate obs.
    However, there is no limit on the number of obs, formal or otherwise that may be carried out. If a teacher is giving cause for concern then even the 3 hour PM limit goes out of the window.
    It is true that DFE are considering scrapping the 3 hour PM rule when new PM regulations are published in the (possibly) near future.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    With me, it's a matter of self confidence. Think this stems from when I was young and a feeling of never being any good at anything or feeling a need to be told I was good. I hate being "judged". I hate someone sat in the corner watching you, analysing your lesson and making notes. I've worked in other jobs and have just got on with the job. Feedback depends on how well you've done your job.
    Observations and feedback - positive and areas for improvement - especially when you get asked what you think of the lesson. My head used to pop in and he knew what was going on in the classroom and told me I was a good teacher. However I always got into a state over observations and let myself down. Somehow I need to get myself into a better mental place for them.
  16. Thanks for your positive thoughts and experiences, I guess every situation and setting is different. as for the comments about something to hide-I dont think so, thats certainly not why we are stressed! Its the whole package really-scrutinies, obs plus everything else we do as a matter of course! I work with a team of excellent practitioners who work very hard with very challenging children in a deprived area-so lets not be too critical!!!! I asked for advice not criticism!!!
  17. The coalition government are getting rid of the three hours a year limit on observations and observations will be allowed as many times/days deemed necessary by your SMT. This is just one of the numerous changes they are introducing which will affect pay and conditions.

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