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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by BB2009, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. How do you organise your observations? Do you use only sticky notes or do you use a mixture or sticky notes plus longer observations? Who records observations and when?
    I know that in some settings staff have key children to observe or observe at particular times of the day. But what does this really tell us? If I am only observing my own key children or at certain times what if I miss things that other children are doing?
    Last year we had to write 2 longer observations on a child each half term and use them for planning. I found that trying to fit this in was time consuming and also felt 'forced'. Yes, the child might be doing x at this moment but that doesn't mean it is worth writing it all down or is anything significant. My preferred way to observe is to have a clipboard of sticky notes or paper with me at all times. Then I can observe any child at any time (during CI or focussed activities) and write down something if it is significant to that child. Sometimes for focussed activities I keep notes on every child, regardless of the outcome of the activity, for future reference on who would benefit more or needs to be extended. I'm sure there are better ways out there too. How do you do it in your setting?
  2. Sorry I still don't seem to be able to get paragraphs in here!
  3. All staff use sticky notes and photos for obs. We all carry out obs during the 1.15 am ChIL and 1 hour pm ChIL seesions. Everyone obs on any child and then prints out the photo and writes up the ob, they pass it to the child's key worker so they can see it and file in the child's portfolio. Sometime stickers are used for verbal conversations or things that happen when we are playing with the children. All staff carry out 1 long focused ob per week so do all children over the half term which feed into planning or additional provision.
    Photos are used in learning journeys with obs just typed up in school font. Stickers are not used in learning journeys as head think some TA's handwriting is not school font.
    All staff have obs and focused obs timetabled so thay can choose where to observe and who to obsere when carrying out a focused ob.

  4. We use sticky labels, not post-its, because they're stickier.
    We all have a clipboard with a page of sticky labels, which do travel a lot with us during the day.
    Any child is fair observational game, as you said, it's who you see doing something worthy of note.
    We do do longer obs on each child, usually those for whom we have less general obs on.
    Observations are then made known to other staff.

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