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observations - are weekly obs the norm?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by karenanng, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. During a visit by SIP team I was observed teaching and the inspector determined my lesson to be unsatisfactory due to a group not making suitable progress. Following that my head observed me with the assistand head and I was judged good with elements of outstanding. A third observation (have had 5 in total since Sept) by the head, was determined satisfactory. This week SIP came into school and popped into my room while I was introducing problem solving, did not stay for the session but did not like what they saw. I have a very poor ability year 3 class and had they stayed they would have seen that in fact all groups made progress ...but no. They judge what they saw as unsatisfactory. My head is doing weekly observation, unannounced which I have to admit is extremely stressful. I have gone from a teacher who at her prev school was judged by ofsted to be outstanding, to one who is less than satisfactory . In truth I believe there to be a bigger issue and that is the salary I am paid. A member of the SMT has been commenting on my salary for some while. I have been moved to an unfamiliar yeaf group which in itself is unsettling - although I dont make excuses, just admit I am inexperienced in the year group I am in. My head is constantly asking me to change my practice and I feel that I am unable to teach effectively as I am trying to accommodate his changes. I am looking to move schools but that will take time and if I dont meet the demands of my head teacher I feel I could be victim to competancy actions.I am totally demoralised and the prospect of weekly observations without warning is in all honestly hard to take

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