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Observations - am I being unreasonable?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by choralsongster, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    I am the F2 teacher and EYFS Co-ordinator at an independent school. We have a specialist French teacher who takes the class for half an hour a week, plus a music teacher for 45 mins a week, and a PE teacher for 2 sessions a week.
    Apart from generic PE planning (taken from someone else's website and a very rough French plan, I receive no detailed planning, observations or assessments from these teachers.
    I have asked the HT if I could deliver a short training session with the whole staff on observations, so these teachers understand what I need to know, to implement into the profile completion. Unfortunately, I've been knocked back, saying that there are time constraints (the Music and French teachers are part-time and work elsewhere as well).
    Without this, I would need to spend my whole ppa time observing their lessons - surely not the best use of my time. Besides, surely observations should be part of their job if they're teaching EYs kids?
    I'd welcome any opinions on this, as I feel I'm missing key evidence when completing the profiles.
  2. I agree that the teachers covering your class should be doing observations on the children when they are teaching so its far from unreasonable to expect this to happen. However, as they are part-time teachers at the school it would be difficult to organise the training. Do you have a TA who stays in the lessons? If you do could they not be doing any observations?
  3. alsoamum

    alsoamum New commenter

    I have a similar situation at the school where I work (not private though) my class R/1 gets taught French and PE by a specialist teacher who has little or no knowledge of the EYFS, last year they were taught music by a seperate specialist teacher.
    If someone is being paid to teach your class then part of that job is planning and assessment - but that's easy to say in theory, and unfortunatly it doesn't sound like SM are willing to enforce it.
    In my school:
    The french/RE teacher is happy to take photos and complete ticklists for me which is great.
    The Music teacher was not happy to do either, therefore I sat in on a lesson every now and then to do obs and take a few photos. You shouldnt have to do this but your PPA time is for assessment isnt it? If you were to sit in on one french, one PE and one music lesson a month to take photos and do obs then surely that would give you plenty of evidence for the profile?
    Or, as someone else suggested, do you have a TA who can take photos and write postits for you? They need only be factual so no judgement involved.
  4. boatmanco

    boatmanco New commenter

    I would suggest that French is not in the EYFS but could she should contribute to the children's reports -she should definately be planning in the same way she would in any other class though.
    Music and PE is trickier -I would ask to have planning in advance for the half term. If the teachers are familiar with the EYFS then they know what targets they are working towards -could they give you a general one for top, middle and bottom of your class using profile points to help you? At least you could then add this to each child's learning journeys.
    It is quite tricky for a PE teacher to do observations and teach the group -as is the nature of PE -so once a half term statement for each child would be enough I expect -could you try to go to a lesson per half term and take some photos?
    How many times per year do you write reports? If these teachers are contributing and their planning/obs are not related to the EYFS how do they write reports??
    I teach Reception and this is how I manage -good luck!


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