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Observation with 'Reasoning and Dialogue' as main focus...kick start needed please!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cath1980, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have just returned to school after maternity leave and have a numeracy obs next week with 'reasoning an dialogue' as the main obs focus. It is with a reception class for 25mins. I do not know the children very well and teach them 2 days a week. I really need some ideas to try and kickstart my creativity as the word 'observation' after such a long time out of the classroom has sent me into a bit of a panic...can anyone get me started? I need someth that involves lots of 'dialogue and reasoning'!!! Please help!!!
  2. What mathematical objectives are you trying to cover? And what age are the children?
  3. Sorry, I can see you've said they are Reception children.
  4. Think the maths strand can be my choice. Like I said, I have just gone bk to school so haven't seen these children since 3rd week of September, so am still trying to get to grips with what they can/can't do. In calculating, the HA's are working on addition and subtraction within 20, MA's within 10 and LA's are still on number recognition and counting. Have been told by my mat cover teacher that they need more work on 2d/3d shapes. I would really appreciate some ideas for a whole class activity which will draw out lots of dialogue and reasoning. Anyone? x
  5. If you go for the shape strand, language and dialogue are easy to get in and for a whole class.
    If they don't already have a talking partner you could start with a number recognition/matching game to partner them up, something like picking a card from a set, HA's/MA's with no.s 10-20, LA's with no.s to 10, where eg 13 matches with 3.
    Or use addition questions matching with a number card.
    Lots of ways to pair them up really, but that would get some reinforcement for their number stuff.
    Then display a set of 2D shapes, ask partners to choose one shape, talk to each other about it's different properties, preparing to describe it to the rest of the class, without naming it, for the class to guess. Ask if anyone else chose same shape, how would they describe it.
    To get a bit of 3D stuff in you could show children a simple model made with 3D shapes, where one pair, or half the class can't see it. Invite those who can see it to describe the model using shape language and positional languge, so that those wha can't see it can attempt to recreate the model.
    I've done similar things using 2D shape pictures and 3D shape models in photos for group/paired work.
    Maybe there's an idea in there you can use or adapt.
    Hope it helps - good luck with the observation!
  6. Thanks. Am so out of practice...really worrying x
  7. I'm sure it'll all come flooding back!
    Let us know how it went.

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