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Observation Query

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by ConfusedDoggo, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. ConfusedDoggo

    ConfusedDoggo New commenter

    Hi, I am just seeking some information about observations in other primary schools.

    Today was our Autumn term Learning Review and as part of the day we had 8 (yes eight) different people coming to observe at various times within one Maths lesson (of an hour and 15 minutes).

    The observers were all three members of SLT, a governor, two members of SLT from another school, a link inspector from our local authority and a maths lead from the local authority. Seven of the observers were split into 3 groups and given a schedule of classes to visit and one member of our SLT came round to each class towards the end of the session.

    There was an issue with timetabling which meant that some members of staff were visited by all 8 people whilst others only had a pair of observers and a visit from the maths co-ordinator.

    As a staff, we think that this (along with other monitoring activities which have taken place this term - various learning walks and scrutinies) is starting to feel excessive. We recognise that there is a need for observations and monitoring but question the value of the current format and the stress levels it is creating amongst the teaching staff.

    When these concerns were raised with SLT during a group feedback session at the end of the day they became very defensive and didn't really explain the need for so many people to be observing us in such a short period of time. The message they effectively left us with was that it was necessary to have that number of people in for an observation and that it happens in schools all of the time. We are a one-form entry primary and as such only have the equivalent of 7 full-time teachers.

    Would any of you mind sharing some basic information about how many people take part in your observations (for performance management/appraisal purposes etc).

    Thanks in advance

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