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observation on CLL in nursery

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by suesenstoke, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi has anyone got any good ideas for what to do for an observation with CLL focus? I have a group of 4 nursery children to work with and they enjoy games but don't talk that much without a lot of encouragement. I want to keep it simple. Thought maybe craft involving shape picture or maybe happy/sad then paper plate using lots of different textures to encourage vocab?
  2. As it's a cll obs I would be tempted to keep it more Literacy focused. We are having a big push on Speaking and listening skills in our Nursery. Perhaps a simple story or rhyme session but with an introductory chat about how to listen (sit still, look at the speaker, dont talk until it's your turn, think about what's being said etc.We use photos of our children doing those things (well it looks like they're listening !) as a prompt for remembring our good listening rules and during a short session we will praise children for 'good listening' and have a best listener sticker. The story or rhyme would be followed by a few simple questions, including some open ended questions such as 'Who did you like best?"or a look at the illustrations and a few prompts to encourage the children to talk about what they can see.Hope this helps. Goood Luck
  3. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    Hi, I currenty had a CLL obs in Nursrey. We looked at the story Peace at last. And I had a box of instruments. Afetr listening to the story, we played the instruments and listened to the sounds made. We then matched the instruments to different parts of the story. We then re-read the story again and the children played their instrumnts at the correct part of the story. LInks perfectly with Phase 1 letters and sounds and involved lots of speaking and listens for sound discrimination. My SMT really liked the idea and I received an outstanding observation. I did this with 12 children, but you could simplify for a smaller group?

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