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Observation/Interview virtual Computer Science lesson

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by bojackson, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. bojackson

    bojackson New commenter

    I have an interview coming up next week and I am required to teach a virtual Computer Science lesson to a top set group of Year 7 students for one hour.
    The topic of the lesson should be: “An introduction lesson into the different components of a computer”
    I find this to be a challenge as it is an observation for one hour. It has been 10 years since I taught in the UK and many things have probably changed since I taught ICT in England
    I'm looking for ideas and perhaps a resource, I would really appreciate any help
  2. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    I did a similar thing a few years ago. I produced a simple sheet with the main components of a computer, explained what they did and then asked the class to go buy the components from amazon. The cheapest set of components got a "well done" CERTIFICATE. That was year 8 I think but it went well.
  3. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    That's a strange topic to pick - it's something that a non-specialist could do by looking up the names of the parts.

    I'd be thinking that I wanted to do something different from everyone else. How about linking hardware to software by doing it from an input - processing/storage - output perspective?
    bojackson likes this.
  4. mikokat

    mikokat New commenter

    I also have a virtual interview/observation lesson coming up for a Computer Science teaching position. They've asked me to prepare a 30 minute lesson to a Year 9 class (middle to high ability) who will be taking it as a GCSE from September. They said it can be any topic. I was thinking of teaching them a topic from the GCSE specification something they may not of done at KS3 such as logic gates...what are your thoughts please. I'm racking my brains and don't know what to do....does anyone have any ideas please??
  5. bojackson

    bojackson New commenter

    Thanks for your idea . Lesson went well
  6. bojackson

    bojackson New commenter

    Make sure you have a starter (Kahoot), try to make the lesson fun , that’s what they are obsessed with these days especially with computer science .
    mikokat likes this.
  7. bojackson

    bojackson New commenter


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