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Objectives WALT and WILF in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by spade, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I think it's ridiculous that children of 4 or 5 are having to think about their own learning in this way but I am assuming you HAVE to have aWALT and a WILF as you've been directed by somebody in senior management... so... given that you have to do it how about concentrating on the choice element of the session and linking it to some PSE objective.
    I'm unclear about exactly what you will be asking of the children - are you asking them to just write something in response to a story? WALT decide what sort of writing we want to do. WILF is some really good ideas of different kinds of writing we could do after listening to the story .........
  2. Hi Thank you spade, this is helpful. Well yes I have been directed to do this. my lesson is really about a secret door that appears in the class wall and the children have been retelling and making their own stories verbally and story maps and also been making up stories from story boxes. So as my focus has to be writing I will work with a group that i think will chose writing and the rest can decide if they want to make up a story about the door and who is behind it or do a character profile of who they think is behind it - that was the plan but maybe it is too much???? Maybe I should just say it has to be writing (postcard/letter/note) and TA can scribe then the WALT and WILF you suggest will work well. It is supposed to be an end to our talk for writing story telling so maybe i have just gone off on another planet on this one!!!???
    thanks for your help.

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