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NZ in Java

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by holmes5668, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Any word on a school in Java probably frequented by individuals from a country with the initials NZ. They have one school in the capital, but apparently are part of a group of schools in Java. Not sure where the others are, but would love to know.
    What is the make up of the student body? How are conditions (at school and outside)? Package? Is it family friendly?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Any word on a school in Java probably frequented by individuals from a country with the initials NZ. They have one school in the capital, but apparently are part of a group of schools in Java. Not sure where the others are, but would love to know.
    What is the make up of the student body? How are conditions (at school and outside)? Package? Is it family friendly?
    Thanks in advance

  3. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Homes, I can't remember the source or where I read it but over the years of research, I have only ever heard bad things about the NZ school in JK. Apparently it is a national school masquerading as an international school but again, my information may be out of date and incorrect. I would od more digging though if I were you.
  4. msnessy

    msnessy New commenter

    I think the info might be on ***. I too have heard nothing but bad about that school. Check the reviews on *** (sorry my membership has lapsed so I can't check that I'm right) I'm sure that was where I saw the dodgy reviews.
  5. Holmes,

    I have only heard bad things about the school, too, but more so the secondary, and the answers hear relate to the secondary. I would run through the usual checklist with the school before considering anything, and ask them:

    1) Is it an accredited International School in Jakarta?

    It isn't. It has permission for students to sit IGCSE and A level exams from Cambridge but this is ENTIRELY different to accreditation of Teaching and Learning from an international Body like CIS or WASC.

    2) What is the level of Staff Turnover, particularly Senior Management?

    The Principal, left recently after four years, to be fair, but the last Head of Secondary lasted less than a term, the one before that, less than six months, the one before that, only a year. You get the picture.

    The current Principal is the former Head of Primary who has been with the school a while, but she originally started as a teacher there and has no prior management experience and knows nothing about Secondary.

    The current acting Head of Secondary is the previous History teacher, with all of only one year's management experience ever under her belt, as the Exams Officer last year, and only a few years' teaching experience.

    The Head of ICT left without notice last summer, the Head of Drama didn't renew his contract last November, the Geography teacher also left in November to find a career outside teaching. The Maths teacher was forced to retire, but to be fair, because of his age.

    The school is without adequate leadership and now consists of a very young and inexperienced group of teachers.

    3) Does the school follow an international curriculum and are results published?

    There is no consistent international curriculum in Key Stage 3, with teachers teaching whatever they want. IGCSEs and A levels are followed but results are very poor and never published.

    Many parents view this school as a place to improve their child's English, with the majority of pupils being Speakers of English as Second language, until their English is good enough to get them into an accredited International School, like the British International School, Jakarta International School, The Australian International School or ACG.

    4) What is the treatment of Directors/Owners towards staff?

    The owner fired the Head of Secondary, but one, without any notice or any reason given and tried, unsuccessfully, to remove their work permit and have him deported. The previous principal was reported to the Manpower department of Indonesia Government for mistreatment of local staff.

    5) What are the academic, social and sporting facilities for staff and pupils at the school?

    The classrooms are small and in need of repair in the old building. There is one tiny lab and a very small 'library' with very few resources, in the old building. There is a new leased 'house' next door to the old building which has a few more classrooms which have been refurbished but these are still small and cramped when full of children.

    There are no interactive whiteboards and not even a single computer in every classroom. There is no gym at all or sports ground for staff or pupils in PE in the secondary school, just an overcrowded playground.
  6. Thanks for the detailed email.
    Any word on NJIS? Seems they had to close briefly last year due to a spat with the landlord. As a result all the teachers left (not out of choice, they thought the place was closing). Seems they have a completely new group of teachers there now.
  7. Hi Holmes

    This school is a Ministry of Education appointed 'Yayasan', a recognised not-for-profit school, accredited by EARCOS and ECIS, unlike the other school which is a private for-profit 'international school', without any accreditation whatsoever, so you can't compare the two, they are like chalk and cheese. This school also has excellent facilities, with a huge hall with a stage and full multi-media presentation system, which can easily accommodate 500 students, and an excellent fully equipped canteen, which the other one doesn't have at all, and a lovely tree-planted campus (a bit like JIS) with state of the art newly refurbished large classrooms with computers in every room and excellent teaching resources.

    On the negative side, you're right about the problems last year. The landlord didn't want to renew their lease, and build a mall on the site instead I think, so the Principal had no choice but to release the teachers, who genuinely didn't want to leave, you're also right.

    There was also a minor issue in terms of the representations of ethnicities in the student population with a particular Korean bias, which has also caused problems at the other one. Although at the other one it perhaps isn't so noticeable because the majority of students are local or chinese or korean in the secondary school rather than international pupils.

    The other issue is that it is a bit isolated from the other accredited international schools in South Jakarta, like BIS, JIS, AIS and ACG, because it is very far North of the city, which makes interschool sport and competitions slighly more difficult. From a social point of view for teachers, it is also quite isolated away from the expat areas in the South, where the expats tend to socialise predominantly, like in Pondok Indah or Kemang, whereas the other school you mentioned is actually in the best area to socialise, ie. kemang, and where all the expats live, and where the Australian International School (AIS) is also located, which is a proper accredited international school.

    On balance, if you've got a choice between this recently re-opened school, and the one in your OP, then there really is no choice, take the recently re-opened one because it has its heart in the right place, and the Governing body has the necessary checks and balances to make sure it stays there, and isn't just out to make a profit for the owner. (See the *** for more information!)

    But if you can, try and get into the British International School in Jakarta, Jakarta International School, the Australian International School or ACG which are all excellent accredited international schools, and in the south of city too.

    Good Luck Holmes
  8. Does anyone know about Sinarmas World Academy near Jakarta?

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