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NVQ3 TA course

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Yogs, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. An opportunity to take this course has come up and I thinking about applying, however having read the syllabus I am a bit disappointed that there is nothing new on there. I have been a TA for 7 years now and have worked in every year from R- 6. I know that there is much I still have to learn and I want to improve my practice. Am I right in thinking that the level 3 qualification is more about proving what I can already do, rather than learning how to improve my performance ?
  2. I started this 15 month course in July and am just about finished, just 2 observations to go. I have enjoyed it and learnt loads but it has only taken 7 months. It is a big undertaking as it is very time consuming.
    It is about proving what you can do, however that is not all. It asks you to reflect on your practice and tells you the ways in which you should be working. The child development module in the level 3 diploma is the same as what my friend is learning at Uni, to become a psychologist. I found this module to be brilliant and thought provoking.
    The natural progression from the level 3 diploma is to do a foundation degree, and with its many styles of writing this course is a good springboard for further progression.
    Hope this was helpful.
  3. Yes very helpful. Thank you!
  4. For most people who've been doing the job a while, NVQs are about sticking labels on what you already know so they become qualifications. Working knowledge was enough for promotion and pay progression when people used to work in the same place for life and their value was known; but now people change jobs more often and the only way to prove that value is to convert it into qualifications like NVQs.
  5. I really hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the NVQs were being abolished in favour of the diplomas.

    I did the NVQ3, 2 years ago and although very tough, well worth it and taught me a lot.
    Good Luck. x
  6. I completed the NVQ3 TA five years ago as I had been a TA for a few years with nothing to show for it so decided to do it.
    I hated the course. It was tediously boring, I did not learn anything new and was all about regurgitating a few facts and writing reflective reports. The cross referencing was painful. It is basically a course on ticking boxes.
    I decided to whizz through it to get it out the way and completed it in 7 months.
    I am glad I did get this qualification as it is a requirement for most TA jobs and I used it as a progression to gain HLTA status.
    However in terms of improving performance and for learning anything new, I would not recommend it.
  7. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    - Perhaps it depends in which area you live. In my area the QCF 2 & 3 Award/Certificate.Diplomas took over, you cannot do an STLS NVQ, they are no longer offered by the course providers.
  8. Hi,

    I really hope you don't mind me contacting you. I am a primary school teacher who is completing a leadership course, and as part of this course, I am creating a TA induction document for my county. However, I would like to tally it up with the NVQ3 criteria and can't find it anywhere. Do you by any chance have any documents which indicate the standards that you have to meet?

    Thank you,

  9. The best place to get the TA standards is the TDA website.
  10. Try this, sorry if it doesn't link automatically...http://www.teaching-assistants.co.uk/teaching-assistants-nvq-Chapters7and8.pdf

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