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NVQ 2 Tutor - Interview support please!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by BriarBabe22, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. BriarBabe22

    BriarBabe22 New commenter


    I was a primary teacher for 8 years before leaving for a better work-life balance. I have an interview soon as an NVQ tutor for 'Supporting Teaching and Learning'. They have asked me to prepare a 1.5 hour lesson plan to address the following assessment criterion which is part of the STL Level 2 course.

    2.1 Describe roles and responsibilities of:

    · school governors

    · senior management team

    · other statutory roles e.g. SENCO

    · teachers

    · support staff

    I have spent some time thinking about this and coming up with some creative ideas and group activities, but I cannot make it last 1.5 hours with the best will in the world! There must be something I'm missing but I can't think what it might be! If anyone can help with any inspiration about what to include in a lesson with the above objective, I'd be very grateful! Thanks so much :)
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Supporting Teaching and Learning??
    That sounds like a T.A. sort of person to me.
    Who is your target audience? Students or staff? What are your assessment objectives? What should your audience know by the end of the session? How will you check this learning?
    As with any observation lesson pad it out with 'fun' activities, group activities, role play, poster work, whatever. Think of all the 'fun' things that you have done on CPD days.
    Also check the awarding body or whatever for this course and see if they have any teaching ideas.
  3. MonstieBags

    MonstieBags Occasional commenter

    supporting teaching and learning is a course
    supporting teaching and learning is a course for TAs - I think op is going to be a lecturer in it

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