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NVQ 2 / 3 Teaching Assistant Course

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Donna7540, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Please can someone help !!! This is the first time i've ever posted on here.....
    I've been a teaching assistant within a Specific Learning Difficulties Centre (Sp.L.D.) for 18 months. I took this post after many years of not working and it was originally just to help out for 6 weeks.
    I want to now qualify but when I approached the school contact was told that recently paperwork was out offering free NVQ 2 / 3 TA courses, however, she had thrown the paperwork away ! I was told to "google it" and find the details then let her know. However, I can't find any details.
    I'm in a difficult situation as all the other TA's were obsessed with finding out what qualifications I had when I started and I was advised to just say that I was centre trained so therefore can't go to just anyone in school for help.
  2. You could try contacting the CPD co-ordinator at your LA. Some LAs run courses for TAs (including the new diplomas which have replaced NVQs) and if you don't have level 2, there was some funding for this. However, a lot of the funding streams have dried up so there may not be any.
    If the LA don't offer it, you may need to try your local FE college who might be able to help.

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