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Nurture Groups - child study assignment. Confused!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by iamsarahlou, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Hello.
    I recently went on a training course for setting up nurture groups. As part of the training I have to write a 2000 word child study on a pupil at my school. I am massively struggling where to start. Obviously I'm not going to give out any details about the child in question but I was wondering if anybody else has done the child study. Do you have any advice as to how to start it or just advice in general?
    Help, I'm putting it off but now I really need to start it!
    Thank you xx
  2. Haven't done one quite like this but would start with gathering all the evidence - everything you can eg foundation stage profile scores, summative assessment, reading age, copies of reports, IEPs and reports from any agencies or educational psychologists etc
    Also I believe 'triangulation' might be useful - ie the idea that you don't just look at the child from one point of view, but include at least 3 eg your view, the child's and the teacher's (can extend this to the parents as well if appropriate). Therefore I would consider sketching out an interview with the child on their feeligns about school, learning etc.
    I don't know if you are familiar with Motor Skills - it's something a colleague showed me the other day - it starts (or at least she starts) with a questionaire that is all about how the child feels about themselves. This might be a good thing to use as a starting point if you can get hold of it?
    Don't know if any of that is any help at all - please ignore if not!
  3. Hi I know this is 12 months later but I am about to start the 4 day nuture course and have to complete at least a 4000 word assignment, I was just wondering if you could send me any advice on how you went with yours as it is a long time since I completed an assignment and feel very out of my depth at the moment!!!!!
    Thank you
  4. Hi, don't panic yet! You will get lots of help on the course about the assignment.
  5. Hi there
    I am about to start my assignment too after doing 2 of the 4 days training. Don't know where to start and opting for the 8000 words as it's going towards my Masters. How are you doing so far?
  6. Same here, would love to know how you got on.

  7. Start with their name (fake or initial), age, gender, how long they've been in the nurture room (if they have) or why they interest you. Make sure you think about what the course has taught you. The rest will come.
  8. Hi
    I completed the assignment two years ago. I gave a pen portrait of the child that included family history, school records and then included how the child had changed over a period of time within the nurture room. I also included 'snap shots' of converstions between peers. I also used out of interest to myself how understanding a child's language, particularlly talking about feelings helps them and gives you the obsever a greater understanding of their develpment.

  9. Hi there I am reading these and feeling better about tackling my assignment already into it just typing up some observations and wondering if you can include fleeting observations as I have quite regularly just noted a few things down when I see them - or would they not been seen as relevant as planned observations?
    Any advice would be great thanks.
  10. Hello, I am Sarah and have also been sitting starting my assignment after completing my course in November. I wondered if perhaps we coul support each other? I started with the easiest part and have almost completed the second Boxall. I'm on to the Pen portrait next.
  11. Hi

    How did you get on with your course? I completed the 3 days in January 2015 and am still writing the assignment as I kept putting it off! I can't find any help online with writing part 2 reflection and I think I am completely off track. Could you give me any tips please? I seem to be just relaying how we set it up!
  12. DonnaJGrant

    DonnaJGrant New commenter

    Hello, also struggling with Part 2. How did you get on conwill? Have you finished? Did you pass?
  13. lovemonkey

    lovemonkey New commenter

    Hi, Have just managed to write up part one which wasn't too bad but struggling for ideas for part two. Any suggestions welcomed. Was thinking may discuss how although we don't have a nurture group in school we have used many of the principles to create a nurture style school. Would that do? Thoughts welcomed.
  14. imsittingwaiting

    imsittingwaiting New commenter

    I'm struggling too. Just done course. I've a year to complete assignment. Any help greatly appreciated. Never done a pen portrait or boxall or dissertation. Help
  15. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Love monkey could you say what you would do if you could set up a Nurture Group. Tell them how you would do it. Someone in my year did this and received the top mark. She was given the most amazing set ( yes I mean it) of rooms and wrote about it and said what she would order and a plan of her weeks timetable. I thought afterwards that I should have done that. My room is tiny and I chose to write about something else but later on I thought why didn't I just make it up. Who was going to know? I'm just too honest.
    We did get that long to hand it in I think we had about 6 weeks.
  16. Corourke55

    Corourke55 New commenter

    Hi! I completed the 3 days of training in June 2017. I've got until June 2018 to get my assignment done.

    Trouble is, I've also got other assignments to get done for my teacher training so I'm keen to get my Nurture one done asap.

    Would anyone who has completed the assignment be willing to meet with me to help me through mine? I'd pay for your lunch, coffees & travel. I'm in Chorlton, Manchester. If you're really far away maybe you'd help me online? We could come to some arrangement about returning the favour. Xxx
  17. kaitaz

    kaitaz New commenter

  18. kaitaz

    kaitaz New commenter

    Did anyone offer to help? I did my Nurture Training in May last year and my assignment has to be in by 5th July. Trouble is I haven't been in education for over a year as have been unable to find a job. Submission date is growing ever closer and I'm beginning to panic a tad.

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