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Nurses appointment today - Told to lose weight, and had to book first smear test. Not feeling great!!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by impulce, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Im feeling a bit rubbish. Been for a run of the mill nurse appointment for a pill check, and was told ive put on half a stone since January and actually weigh 13stone. My scales weigh in at half a stone less than that so even though I knew I was overweight, I didnt know I was quite that overweight. I also have to book in for my first smear test as im 25 next week, so im also nervous about that.
    I have tried time and time again to lose weight before - and I can - but after a fortnight I am bored of boring food, and bored of whatever exercise whim I have taken on. I do Zumba once a week and quite enjoy that, but to do it more regularly would cost me upwards of £60 a month and that's just ridiculous when I am struggling to make ends meet anyway. I dont want to pay out for a gym membership because I inevitably stop using it to its full value. I dont have friends that live locally to walk/jog with, and my OH is never going to join me for exercise. I also am far too tired, busy and stressed weeknights termtime to do very much in the way of exercise or cooking. I dont want to join weight watchers and waste even more money.
    ...I guess I know what to do, I am just feeling sorry for myself. Maybe Ill use the 6 weeks to see if I can get into some kind of routine while I have the time and energy, and hope I can carry it on in September.
    As for the smear test...EEK!
  2. Don't fret too much about the smear, i had to go last year and was so nervous but told the nurse and she was just fab. So far as weight goes, it's difficult to find the time to focus on it when life seems too busy. In the past year I've stopped smoking, taken up exercise and lost a stone. Not through saintliness but because something just 'clicked' in my head. I've not embarked on any major plan, but made small gradual changes that have added up to be significant. This seems to have work better than a big goal that wouldn't be achieved and the try/fail cycle. It may sound patronising (sorry if it does) but small efforts will help, and then hopefully you'll find that it's worth making the effort for yourself. Don't rely on others for exercise, I love going for a half hour walk in an evening and take my daughter hiking each weekend. I'd highly recommend planning easy to make healthy meals for workdays too, I find that shake on seasonings add loads of flavour cheaply and easily to healthy foods and just shake it on chicken, veg and potatoes and stick it in the oven.

    Good luck - I hope it works our well for you.
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I know how you feel. I went to get the pill when my son was 4 months old and the nurse said my BMI was a bit high (she still let me have the pill though) but she was quite rude about it. I told her i'd been back at the gym since my son was 7 weeks old, was having personal training, had already lost x inches etc and all she said was 'eat less, maybe 1000 calories a day is fine'. I was so upset, and angry too. And who the hell would recommend 1000 calories a day? Anyway, i lost all the weight, wish i'd gone back to her and told her to kiss my ar*e!
    I've had another baby now (22 months after the first one) and am back to gymming, personal training and watching what I eat. It is hard work, especially with 2 young kids and i never have a decent sleep, but to me all the effort is worth it.
    My gym membership is £38 a month which includes classes and swimming, so you can vary what you do if you get bored easily. I probably won't make the classes now as they're about the same time i need to bath my son and put him to bed, and i don't really want to put them in the crèche for the daytime classes, although i might be tempted when my baby is a bit older (she's 10 weeks).
    Once you get into a routine it's so much easier. Before i had kids, i used to go to the gym straight after school, then i couldn't go home and get too comfortable with a coffee! I was motivated then though to lose weight for my wedding. This time I am motivated to lose weight to be a bridesmaid in April! I've never been a bridesmaid before so this is nearly as exciting as getting married myself!
  4. Sorry that was a massive post! To add to it further, friend at work aged 26 has lost 2 stone so far and gone from size 22-18. Before always said she ate healthily and was too busy to exercise. She's doing WW (follows plan but doesn't pay for meetings) and walls or does exercise video at home. She readily admits that for years she knew what to do but hadn't spent the time on herself. She says the main benefit is more energy, spurring her on to reach her goal. BUT it took her a while before she got to a point where her head was in the right place to get started. *Hugs* to you, I hope you find a happy balance in your life whatever you do
  5. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg New commenter

    I've just found out that I am 13st too. I had end of term lazyitis that meant I ate any old ***** for lunch and just one more glass of wine syndrome.
    I found the best way to lose weight was the lunch box diet. Basically for dinner have a meal made up of 5 different veg with some sort of low fat protein. There is a book for this but you try to make sure that the veg are different colours. (You can actually eat quite a lot). I lost weight, felt healthier and my skin looked better. Oh and knocked back alcohol to just Fridays whilst I was on this.
    As for a smear- just had one. Not so bad but a bit worried when the nurse asked me "Where is your cervix?" She did find it in the end.
    The 6 week holiday is for you to wind down and chill. Looking after yourself to feel better should be a priority. Treat yourself well as you know how hard you work during term time.
    Right 1 - cucumber, 2 - tomato, 3- spinach, 4 - orange pepper, 5- beetroot, balsamic dressing and some tuna and a big mug of tea. All with no bell to tell me to get to class. Bliss.

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    If you followed their plan it wouldn't be a waste of money. I've saved a fortune and lost 2 stone (although I'm going to have to spend a bit to buy new clothes when I reach my target). There is no need whatsoever to eat 'boring' food just because you're on a diet - I'm eat far, far better food and a much wider variety now than I usually do.
    Walking is free - motivating yourself is sometimes difficult but once you're out there it is fine, particularly if you have a local park.
    You can sort yourself out now while you're young or you can wait until you're my age and have a heart attack.
    Smear tests are nothing - even if you're one of the people who finds them uncomfortable they're over in minutes and the results could be life saving at some point in your life.
    We all do it sometimes and it's not difficult to get into the habit of wallowing in it. Better by far to force yourself to get started on a positive lifestyle...you WILL feel better for it!

    Try watching Alex: A Life On Fast Forward on iplayer to remind yourself that life is too short for wallowing!
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    That's true. I don't eat boring food at all, i just don't eat any junk at all. There's a really nice recipe for veg in the Jamie Oliver book - basically peas, broccoli and baby potatoes (and i add carrots) mashed up with some mint sauce - and we have that quite a bit with fish or chicken. Home-made curries are good too, so long as they're tomato based ones. I also do cottage pie with sweet potato mash instead of normal potato. I have to make things that my toddler can eat, and he likes tasty things, so i can't live off 'boring' food!
    In the Winter i like to make veg and lentil soup, which is really easy and lasts a few days. I add garlic and herbs to a lot of things and it makes a big difference to the taste.
  8. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I don't know if it was you, Chica, or someone else, but I remember reading a post/thread detailing a similar story and feeling horrified. Four months after having a baby many women would still be breast-feeding (God willing, of course) so recommending a diet of 1000 calories per day is ridiculous. It's stupid for ANYONE to eat only 1000 calories per day, but especially for a woman who has recently given birth and is running around after a child all day - not to mention being sleep-deprived, breast-feeding, lifting the baby around, doign 10 things at once etc. Imagine another 2 months further on....many mothers would be making the return back to work. On 100 calories per day? Appalling advice and I'd have recommended complaining.

    To the OP (sorry, was so enraged by Chica's story that I've forgotten your name!!), can I take this opportunity to invite you to join the Beginner's Exercise Thread? I'm just about to resurrect it in time for the summer holidays. I personally am learning to run and to improve at running, as are many others. BUT it's great to welcome people who are just starting out in ANY sort of excercise. It's really motivating to share workout tips and achievement with each other. Please join if you feel like it; you'd be very welcome.
    Eva x x
  9. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    It was Impulce....how could I forget! xx
  10. Thankyou for all the supportive replies - I have stopped wallowing now (It doesn't last long!)
    I went and bought a nice silk dress and some boots in the outfit sale, and feel a bit better about myself now! But this does not solve the problem lol
    So..my action plan.
    I am not going to go on a 'diet' as most of what we eat is OK anyway - not rabbit food, but we eat alot veg etc - so im just going to be more careful, and make small changes as someone suggested. When I 'diet' I can do it for a week, lose a few lbs quickly, and then start eating sh*te again because I feel like I deserve it - so that is the cycle I need to break.
    We also "treat" outselves far too often, and we need to cut down on this. I cant cut out the wine though - we share a couple of bottles once a week, but cutting that out is a step too far :p
    Im also going to keep up with the zumba once/twice a week (money depending) as I do enjoy that and don't see it as a chore.
    I might also take Eva up on the invite to the beginners exercise thread, and bite the bullet to try walking/jogging around the local area. It's just not the most pleasant place to walk and run and is incredibly hilly, but I will give it a go!
    I will try to do it slowly, and permanently, rather than quickly.
  11. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    It's good that you already eat healthy food. Have you looked at your portion sizes?
  12. That's my problem Joli...that and all the "treat" takeaways, cakes etc.
  13. And meals out...I cant say no to invites to meals out, and when im there I feel like if im spending money on a meal it might as well be something I enjoy and not be wasted on a salad!

    Going to Chiquitos tonight and REALLY wanted a chimichanga, but may try and have something smaller instead.
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Yeah, it was me who posted about it before (it was in 2009) and i was furious. I wrote a letter of complaint to the doctor surgery and refused to ever see that nurse again. My personal trainer was also furious on my behalf.
  15. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Good for you, I'm glad you did. Hopefully she was given a good telling off for giving such generic and dangerous 'advice'. What a shame that a small minority give a bad impression of nursing when, in fact, most of them are doing an outstanding job.
    I must say that the practice nurses at my GP surgery have all been excellent and very well informed if I've ever needed to see them.
  16. Nanny Ogg

    Nanny Ogg New commenter

    Morning Imp, good for you buying a dress. I am trying to motivate myself by saving money on wine and eating out I can spend on something nice to wear when I have lossed a few pounds.
    So, we have all worked hard for other people's kids in the run up to exams and such, (not complaining) now the holiday is about making us feel good and recharging batteries and all that.
    Glad to hear you are more positive. Enjoy the hols because you deserve it.
  17. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    It may not cost you anything to use Weight Watchers or Slimming World. Some health authorities will fund it for you (a voucher scheme) until your BMI is healthy. Worth asking your GP,
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Whilst I know what you mean there is no need to "waste" money on a salad - WW has an 'eating out' guide which gives you the points for a lot of restaurant chains and it's perfectly possible to eat well in a restaurant without going wildly over your points just by making good choices. Even if you do have a bit of a splurge it's not the end of the world.
    You're doing what I did - making excuses for not making changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

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