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Nursery PSRN activities/set up ideas please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by thumbshrew, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Accepting that children will appropriate stuff from the area (indeed from any of the areas) for 101 other uses this is what we do:
    We have a bank of activities in baskets on open shelves they can help themselves to eg sorting bears; calculators, number blocks etc. There are 12 baskets which means there are a lot of resources, so there are usually some left in the area even when many are
    all round the room. We make sure all resources go back sorted correctly into baskets at the end of each session.
    With certain resources we have been very strict about keeping them in the PSRN area. So some can do a free run round the room but some stay put. If we notice they are out of the area they are sent back pronto. This has actually worked and now the children tell each other to take them back. An aspect of this is that we initially held back these resources and introduced them gradually into the environment as new stuff that is specially for this area. We have modelled ways of using them as they are introduced.
    We put some activities out on a counter next to the PSRN table eg dominoes, number jigsaws. These also go walkabout but always have to be returned at the end of the session.
    We are very flexible about what we regard as PSRN activities. For instance, if someone chooses to put all the counting dinosaurs in a shopping bag and walk around with them, it shows that they see those items as a matching set, or if someone takes the matching and pattern spheres and rolls them across the floor they are learning about the properties of shape. In other words, we don't allow ourselves to get too bothered. Chances are they are not actually 'missing out', just using the resources in their own ways.
    The PSRN area is sometimes manned with an adult supporting CI activities and looking for opportunities to develop children's PSRN skills.
    We look out for any PSRN opportunities anywhere in the environment, not just in the PSRN area, with any resources and question, support, suggest or model accordingly.

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