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Nursery planning for whole days & AM/PM sessions

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by joteach5, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm starting a new job in Sept & although I'm an experienced EYFSteacher I have never had to plan for Nursery children where some come for 2 and a half days and some come AM or PM. I am used to only planning for 1 session each day then repeating it for the PM session.

    Can anybody help me think of how I can plan & repeat some lessons without some children repeating the same lessons?
  2. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    If your children do regular 2 and a half days at the beginning or end of the week it's a lot easier than if they are totally flexible days all over the place. We did, for example, an activity in the morning at the beginning of the week which was repeated in the afternoon at the end of the week And that way all children were able to participate. Wednesday was the day all children did a half day whatever their pattern of attendance so we could do the same activity morning and afternoon. As long as everyone got a good 'diet' of curriculum we didn't worry too much about making sure every child did exactly the same activities, apart from things like baking, forest walks, music - stand out things like that. Once it was all mapped into a timetable it was easy - and still only meant planning for half a week and repeating much of it, just not am and pm on the same day. We found the children who lost out a bit were the pm only children as there were usually just a few of them. The full day children were tired after lunch so afternoons were always bit less focused.
  3. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    If your nursery is totally flexible, and you've got children coming and going all over the place, you will just have to plan a whole week and accept some children miss some things. We did this for the first two years. For example, we did baking once a week on different days so it wasn't always the same children missing out. All the comings and goings were not good for the children's emotional wellbeing so we changed to a regular pattern - beginning or end of the week 2 and a half days which was much better for everybody.
  4. HI Yoda 811,

    Thanks for your very helpful reply.

    I think I have now worked out how to sort it - can you tell me if you think this will work:

    Monday AM activity - repeat Thurs PM

    Mon PM - repeat Thurs AM

    Tues AM - repeat Fri PM

    Tues PM - repeat Fri AM.

    I think this way nobody will miss out?
  5. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    Yes that's the kind of thing that will work. We even repeated stories in this way if there was something we wanted all the children to listen to. We also had the children in key groups according to their attendance pattern. My group was the beginning of the week 2 and 1/2 day children as I only taught Monday - Wednesday. School photos, sports days, Christmas shows and parties were all on Wednesday as its the day all the children were in and we could just repeat AM and PM. You soon get used to it.

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