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Nursery outstanding lesson

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by princess2005, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. I am nursery teacher in a school that has just been placed in Special Measures. We were graded nearly all fours, mainly due to bad leadership and poor results in KS2. Early years was graded good (2) with several aspects of outstanding. I am being observed next week and know that to improve I need to be graded as outstanding. I have a very difficult class with a great deal of behaviour issues and am struggling to think of an amazing lesson that will engage all children and be fun. I also have to do a lesson plan, which I have not done since uni - some time ago! Does anybody have a copy of a lesson plan master or any ideas for my lesson? Thanks. :)
  2. Hi, My school is in SM too. I'm in Reception. Behaviour-wise I'd say, even if the children are being awful it won't matter as long as you are clearly acting upon it. Ensure they're moving from one activity to the next as smoothly as possibly to improve the chances!
    I don't have a Lesson Plan proforma for you but good luck! I hope it all goes well for you.[​IMG]
  3. Hi! Do you have a topic idea or anything that you want to base the session around?? I do have an activity plan which is only really very basic but will try and find it and post it on here.
    When i was observed we were using both the inside and outside environment and some ICT as well which they really liked ( although they only observed for max 15 mins- which i was really cross about!!). The session was based on Under the Sea but what we did could transfer to other things- let me know and we can see what we can come up with!! :)
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  4. Thank u Wigwamshoebox and Lucy. Part of the observation is during time parents drop off so along with usual activities I have out I'm thinking of playing some videos the children have recorded on Smart board for parents to see cos they usually stay for first 10mins. I have not decided area of learning yet but think I will do CLL - trying to choose a book that I have lots of props etc for. I group my children by ability for PSRN so never teach this whole class (what head etc want to see) so don't think I can do Maths games etc. I've done Letters and Sounds and ICT for last observations. Just not really sure if reading a story will have the wow factor I need. I would like to do focus activity outside but feeling really stuck. I think I feel more under pressure because early years was only positive part of Ofsted report so know they will be expecting good things! xx
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    That doesn't make sense, princess.

  6. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    These poor little pre-school children don't even have to be in school. Why not concnetrate on showing how welcoming/etc your setting i, how happy and settled the children are with their routines etc and how confident the parents are in you?
    I've never heard of lesson plans for three-year-olds before.
  7. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    I'd stick with your normal routine if I were you. Sounds like Ofsted decided you know what you are doing - so carry on doing it!

  8. Thank you for your replies. I meant that I need to be graded as outstanding because we have been told that we have to improve on last observation, which was good. I feel that I always create a welcoming environment for the children and parents and would not just chance the routine for an observation. Being part of a school that has been in ISP for 2years and now Special Measures there are a number of hoops that I am expected to jump through. I have been told to have curricular targets for nursery! I have refused to do this and so have the Reception teachers.
  9. Inky, I think the age of the children does not matter - the lesson plan is for the two people who will be observing me. Most of the time is child initiated so will not be on the lesson plan. I was just going to put development matters I'm covering and an outline of carpet time and differentiation for focus group activity. I will not be writing the development matters on the board or sharing the success criteria with the children like the teachers higher up the school do.
  10. Myself and the nursery teacher use the same proformas for all our planning, I can send you one if it will help.

  11. Thanks that would be great. My email is lizwilde@hotmail.com
  12. You should carry on as normal. If your practice was judged "good", you are certainly not failing anyone. If the SMT or whoever are telling you to improve, ask them what support you can expect to be given in order for you to achieve this. The inspection outcome is their headache, let them help you with what they are asking you to do.
  13. This is the outstanding grade descriptors that my SLT use for obs me in Nursery ( and the rest of school).it is from Ofsted guidance using the new guidelines. I have argued that I will never be outstanding because most of it just doesn't fit in with an EYFS lesson. But here it is anyway.
    Teaching is at least good and much is outstanding, with the result that the pupils are making excellent progress.It is highly effective in inspiring pupils and ensuring that they learn extremely well. Excellent subject knowledge is applied consistently to challenge and inspire pupils. Resources, including new technology, make a marked contribution to the quality of learning, as does the precisely targeted support provided by other adults. Teachers and other adults are acutely aware of their pupils capibilities and of their prior learning and understanding, and plan very effectively to build on these. Marking and dialogue between teachers, other adults and pupils are consistently of a very high quality. Pupils understand in detail how to improve their work and are consistently supported in doing so. Teachers systematically and effectively check pupils understanding throughout lessons, anticipating where they may need to intervene and doing so with striking impact on the quality of learning.
  14. Thank you both. Great advice and grade descriptors give me an idea of what they will be looking for. It is a shame that my class, nursery nurse and I have to go through all these observations - wish they could just observe teachers who were graded 3 or 4.
  15. hi
    Not sure whn your observation is. I am a reception/yr 1 teacher bought into a school that was in special measures to help bring it out and currently we are graded as good. Your head should just be observing you to make sure your teaching is of consistently high standard. HMI will be more interested in the paper work/management etc to start with not your teaching. Both time HMI have been in I alongside the other teachers have been observed 20 mins max and he is more interested in checking for improvements that are based on paperwork, talking to governors, parents etc. Dont stress yourself trying to be outstanding, the head observing you is there to help and give you points on how to become outstanding. You will have enough stress on you without putting extra pressure on youself
  16. Thank you Joanne for your excellent advice. I think the main reason I am stressing is because I do not know what to expect, but ur post has shown me what I can expect. I think I just have to try and believe in myself!
  17. Don't be worried about reading a book as long as it links

    with your topic. My last observation I read Dear Zoo and at the end cut to a pre recorded video on the IWB of me dressed and playing the part of a news reader in a special news flash! As the news reader I announced that 'Sam' the puppy (in the story) and one I already made real by introducing a toy dog with collar and basket at the beginning of the week, HAD GONE MISING! All of my activities were linked to the children's mission to find him. I then moved to my adult focus - some children writing missing posters, some had to be investigating detectives, some pour out water or counted out dog biscuits to help encourage his return, some used the phone to call the police, some were the police, some search the water, the sand, painted pictures of him! All 7 areas more than covered! Everyone was engaged and in the end someone found him and put him to bed in his basket! Alls well that ends well! I hope this helps! X
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  19. I love this idea seetonyshot! I have my first ever observation with my Nursery class next week and I'd love to do something like this. (I've been teaching for 5years, but have moved down this year from Year 3 to Nursery and am still finding my feet!!). Do you have a plan for these activities at all?

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