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Nursery or CM...opinions needed x

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by physicsgirl, May 17, 2011.

  1. The best thing is to get out and meet both in your area and see who you like,
    it really depends on finding a person/people you feel confident leaving LO with. Make sure you are clear about the hours you need and if late care is an option for meetings/parents evenings, unless you have others who can help.
    I have a CM, she is fab, has a lovely big play-room and garden, takes the kids to the post office and shops, just does all the normal things he would do at home, she know LO well which is nice. She also doesn't charge for holidays and gives him a hot meal every lunch. She does finish at 4.30 but my neighbour is willing to get LO if I am late.
    There's no one right answer, but try and meet a few people in person and chat about how the typical day goes, food, TV or not, discipline, if they have a back up if they're ill. you soon feel if you can image leaving your child somewhere.
    glad things are looking up for you, hope you find something you like.
  2. It's such a personal decision - we decided on a nursery for lots of reasons, as other people will have chosen CMs! I prefer the idea of a team of people working with LO and more children his age as we have no family nearby. The nursery is near my work so I can go and get LO earlyish. I loved the feel of the nursery - I think you can tell a lot from your instincts whatever the type of care. Good luck x
  3. I chose Nursery - we had a nanny for a while but he really loved being around lots of people so Nursery was the best for us - am jealous of 35 per day - we are 55 per day!!! Bloody outer london!! He has gained loads of confdence through Nursery but I think that would also happen with a CM. Illness is a problem and actually when I went for an interview ages ago they asked what would happen if LO was ill (totally illegal!) as if they have sickness/bad nappies then they aren't allowed in for 48 hours afterwards. CM may be more flexible on this although prob depends on if she has other children too....
  4. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Thanks ladies, going round to see a few next week. Will be taking my gut with me!!
    I am bloody nervous about leaving the wee chap, it will have to be somewhere special. Will let you know! The nursery I'm looking at charges £44 per day and most local CM charge between £3.50 and £4 per hour.
  5. Whistle - expect real tears for a week or so but then after a while if he's still crying when you leave him ask staff if its continuing as my little man cried for 2 months + on being left and I felt AWFUL but then when I actually asked after 2 months it transpired that he'd been doing the guilt trip crying apart from the first 2 weeks and was fine 5 mins after i'd gone!! They even told me to wait in the hall and brought me pictures taken 2 mins after I left the room and he was beaming from ear to ear!!!
  6. We chose a small nursery - the second I walked through the doors I knew that it was the one for us. It's just such a nurturing environment and the staff are all fabulous. We never really considered a cm - I didn't like the thought of just one 'stranger' being responsible for him. However, that is purely personal choice and I have several friends who are thrilled with their cms. It perhaps makes a difference how many days you work? My LO is going to nursery for 2 days a week, so I feel that the different people, both staff and children, are good for him. My friends that use a cm work full-time so perhaps see more stability in their set-up. We pay 36 per day, but don't get charged for bank holidays or when they're shut over Christmas.
    I think whether your LO will cry or not perhaps depends on their personality. My little boy is just coming up for 1 and hasn't cried at all when I've left him, but he's quite an independent character and really loves meeting different people. Tbh, I was a bit mortified that he couldn't really have cared less that I'd left him!
    Good luck with your decision x

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