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Nursery observations.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mcdc52, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hi - I just started teaching in Nursery in September so know how you feel!!! There's lots to get your head around. Our Nursery has free flow indoor and outdoor and takes 2 - 4 year olds. Children have a varied pattern of attendance and so we don't timetable when each child is observed as it required huge powers of organisation to work out who was in when and we found they were often absent on that day. We have just been trialling Key Workers managing their own target child observations and asking other members of staff to keep an eye out for particular children, behaviours etc. We have informal observation sheets placed all around the Nursery for all staff to record any language, achievements, interests that evidence something new or interesting for that child's development.

    We don't have group work because we have free-flow. The children get together at the end of each session in one of 3 groups that have a group focus - eg last week for Chinese New Year one group named animals and did animal sounds and 1 group matched golden coins to the numbers on Lucky Money Envelopes.

    Hope this gives you some idea of another setting, just remember that each setting varies so much it is impossible to do the same as someone else - it just might spark a few ideas for how you can move forward.

    Good luck
  2. hi we do 1 observation a month on each child as i have 8 key children and my other staff member with me has 8 key children, we do more if we can and have time, like group obbs or post it notes.
  3. MissMistoffelees

    MissMistoffelees New commenter

    I too am really struggling with this; am NQT started beginning of Jan. I am trying to get all staff to do more post-it note observations as previously they relied heavily on ticksheets from adult initiated activities for their evidence for assessment which isn't ideal. Am hopefully slowly getting on track but think for February assessments I will still have to do some specific activities to assess children's abilities as we're just not getting enough quality observations done at the moment!
  4. lucylollipop

    lucylollipop Occasional commenter

    Thanks for your replies. It would seem that each setting is very differently organised and I suppose the way forward is to try out a couple of different methods and see what works in my particular setting!
    Thanks again

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