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Nursery Letters and sounds

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LittleMissNQT, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I have 22 children so not as many as you. I didnt know whether for the 1st few weeks do phase 1 activity every day for 10 mins with every group in the morning. Then when i can identify the children who are more able, i could use my TA, Will this be my focused activity? Do you do the same for PSRN?
  2. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    For PSRN, i plan for group time. So , after luch the children all have 10 minutes in group with their key worker on a particualr PSRN aspect. Last term the time was used for number rymes and number stories just to get the children familiar with counting and visualising. This term i am focussing on counting using 1-1 and shape. This will be done in group time avery day, but i also have 2 focussed activites going on every morning, so one of these more that likely would be linked to our PSRN- linked into our topic work.

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