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Nursery Lesson Observation for Interview on Creativity

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bethyp21, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. bethyp21

    bethyp21 New commenter

    I am an NQT and have an interview on monday.
    The lesson is with 30 nursery children and I have been asked to do a lesson about 'creative' for 15 minutes. I am having a total mind blank! HELP
  2. pcsmush

    pcsmush Occasional commenter

    Nursery...wow! I'm a year 1 teacher and that still terrifies me. :p
    15 minutes as well.

    Have you got experience of working in a Nursery? If so did you ever see something amazing that you can tweek to suit your needs? :)
  3. bethyp21

    bethyp21 New commenter

    hello, yes i've worked in a reception/nursery class but nothing for 15 minutes which was outstanding :/ I'm starting to get worri :(
  4. pcsmush

    pcsmush Occasional commenter

    Hm. I would go down the route of sharing a story with the children and then completing an activity that links in with the story. Even if you run out of time, plan something that can be easily completed once you leave.

    15 minutes is such a short time to do something 'creative'. :p
    The children will not know what's going on. :p

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