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Nursery Leader - i need help with making a questionnaire - your help is needed!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by DAWSONS_STUFF, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I have just been appointed as Nursery Leader - 90 children. ( leading 4 teachers / 4 t.a's)
    I would like to do a questionnaire for all the staff before i start, to get to know them and their strengths etc.
    I thought that i could ask
    1. How many years they have worked with chidren ( then add up all the years and see how many hundreds of years experience we all have!!)
    2. What is their favourite book to share with young children ( then i can make some story sacks, if they do not already have them etc)
    3. What do they like best about their job?
    4. What bugs them the most!!
    5. If changes are to be made to the nursery - what do they think works well and would not like to change?
    Can you think of any questions that i can ask in order to get to know them and develop a team work ethos!!? what would you want to know about ? any ideas greatly appreciated! thanks in advance! Oh i will add the final questionnaire to resources once it is made!
  2. what do they think the top 5 strengths of the nursery currently are? What changes would they like to see and why? What are staff key strengths and passions? Any areas for professional development wanted by staff? If you're new to the nursery, it would be a good idea to put up a year overview calendar and ask people to mark any dates when they usually have specific events, e.g sports days or any cultural days, summer family picnics etc. You can then see what parents may expect and also how things have been done - some things you may want to keep some you may want to change. If you're new to setting getting to grips with the families is important, the other staff will know more about them than you so let them know you value all their knowledge and support. Get background info from them. Maybe some of there things would be better done informally over coffee. Good luck in your new job and congratulations on getting it. A few yrs ago i had 125 children with 5 classes and teachers and 10 TAs! It can be so rewarding
  3. thanks for the ideas - will defo value the staffs knowledge of families etc. the year overview is a good one as well! will keep the questionnaire positive and ask for their ideas for improvement
    Thanks again junpin jack flash

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