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Nursery Home Visits

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by starbelliedsneetch, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Moving form Reception to Nursery next year and have had home vists sprung upon me starting tomorrow !
    What shall I ask/say?
    Do you keep a record of the visit?

    Oh my....
  2. hi, I've been doing home visits to our new Nursery children this week. Kept the visits pretty informal, lasting about 20 minutes, with 10 mins between visits to get to the next appointment.
    Just chatted to the child and parent about what sort of activities they enjoy, whether they're looking forward to starting at Nursery, any friends in the class, are they at pre school already and how they've settled there.
    If the child has a favourite toy or book to show you that's a good starting point, and really it's just nice for them to get to know your face, there'll be more time to get to know them and assess speech etc when they visit into Nursery before starting fulltime. I took a couple of picture books about starting Nursery, in the past I've taken photos of the classroom.
    I found it's really reassuring for the parents, particularly any new to the school, or if they have any worries it's a chance to ask their questions quite privately with you.
    You get a great chance to see the child in their familiar environment, where they feel very comfortable, particularly good for shyer children.
    I didn't fill in any forms while on the visit, but did leave a simple 'All about me' booklet for parents to look through and fill in with their child over the holidays.
    Good luck- sure it will go well. I actually really enjoy doing the visits once I get started , know it can feel a bit daunting beforehand though!
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Obvious point: go in pairs. If you aren't impressed by someone's domestic arrangements, don't talk about it in the staffroom or on here. Yes, I know, but this forum has had some pretty snotty stuff reported [eg about telllies being left on] and it's disrespectful.
    Not that I'm suggesting that you would do either of those things!
  4. I was about to search the forum for advice about home visits when
    this topic popped up at the top of the page, so thanks starbelliedsneetch [​IMG] I'm an NQT
    and I'm due
    to start as a Nursery teacher after the summer. I've been told that I'll
    be doing home visits in September alongside the Nursery Nurse. She's
    done them in the past so I'm confident that she'll be able to advise me
    on how to do them successfully, but it's always good to get tips and
    guidance from other people too [​IMG]

    Thanks for
    such a thorough and helpful post. I particularly like the idea of taking along some
    photos of the classroom to reassure the child and give them a glimpse of
    their new environment.
  5. Thanks for the advice. All went well.

  6. You go to visit children at their home before they start school?
  7. Yes we started it this year and it has been so successful. It just means for us that we get to meet a child and parents before they come into a strange environment and we know their name then and pick up things that they are interested or names of brothers and sisters so we can talk to them about relevant things. Also i think it gave parents the opportunity to ask questions that they might no have asked at a new parents meeting. We had the new parents meeting as well so all the parents could meet each other and come with their child before Wednesday when they come on their own for an hour.
    We also took a little animal of which key group they are going to be in. I was very nervous before going and worried that parents might be worried about us coming into their homes but i was really pleased at how relaxed everyone was and welcoming we only stayed 20 mins max.
  8. Who covers your class while you are doing these visits?
  9. We are a FS unit so have 2 teachers and 2 advanced early years practioners so we are very lucky. In our situation we just popped out as they all live in the village we teach in and we went in pairs so the 2 left behind covered. We did do one visit in lunch time. My head is a bit skeptical about them and the other teacher i work with didn't want to do it so we covered hers.
  10. So with 2 adults out, did you have the correct ratios for the children left behind with the remaining 2 adults? Just curious.
  11. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Biliboi, I'm sure everything was OK. Do you know what, as long as there were enough adults left behind with all the checks and wotsits, I don't think anyone but the most jobsworth amongst us is going to critise.

    Are we?
  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I have mixed feelings about hoie visits, by the way, but I'm sure the OP's school provided well for the children in their teacher's absence. D| you truly think, Biliboi, that a class of three-year-old children is going to suffer lasting harm from spending anhour or two without a qualified teacher?
  14. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Please excuser typos. It's late.
  15. Certainly not! However I was curious. When one member of our staff is off, say for a funeral, it is chaos. We have to stop free flow outside etc. Just wondered how they managed to let 2 members of staff go and still have enough people left to supervise the children left behind.
  16. Sorry only just checked back in.On the first visit myself and the advanced EP went in our lunch break. The next one i went in my PPA so we were just one person down. The next one the two advanced EPs went leaving 2 teachers. We were only gone 20 mins max and we were probably under staffed however it posed no danger to the children, we have one NNEB who works full time to support a child with SEN and another to support increase in kids this term so i did leave 4 bodies and it isn't a regular thing. I really would not have left if i didn't think it was safe or damaging to the children's education! I must be more careful what i post in future, my fault!!!
  17. Ohh I really wasn't criticising! Was just wondering how other settings manage when a member of staff is away (or two).

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