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Nursery full time class

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by GemsEYFS, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    I have a class of 45 children with 1 teacher, myelf. and 3TA's. I usuallt plan for 2 adults on a focus all day, and then one adult observing and monitering indoors and 1 outdoors. But, i dont seem to get everything covered in one week that a need to. does any one have a class similar? how do you work it in your cschool whilst planning also for the TA's in the room. Thank you

  2. 39 full time children, 2 teachers 1TA. We have 3 roles: leading focus activity, supporting CI learning, practical manager. The practical manager should monitor, trouble-shoot and deal with 'accidents and incidents', freeing the others to concentrate on their roles. Only 13 children access our small outside area at once. The CI or the focus person goes out with them, depending on what is planned. All changed this year - 60 part time children, 1teacher, 2 TAs, but I will try and keep the same roles. It was very difficult to get the TA to understand the practical manager role, but I have new TAs this year and will persevere.
  3. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    so, in any one day, would the children only access 1 focussed activity? and would you get through all children in one day? And do you keep the same roles for the whole day and then change daily? so for axample f you were on a focus would you change and be the manager the next? Thank you for your reply
  4. Depending on what the focus activity involved it might go on for 1,2 or 3 days, so in some weeks a child might only do 2 focus activities. Other directed activities that happened in groups of 13 each day - morning afternoon register/get together time, PSRN/letters and sounds, home time story and sharing.Roles rotated, changing at lunch time, and I spent a lot of time planning the timetable so that each member of staff took equal shares of the responsibilities.
  5. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    i think i am over thinking the amount of focussed time the children should have. We do letters and sounds each morning, group time snack, song time in group before lunch, group time PSRN after kunch every day, and home time story time. Then obviously the continuous provision throughout the day. It was just the roles of staff and how often i should be rotating, changing etc. If your focus activity went on for days, would you have the same member of staff seeing it through til the end or would that also change with the rotating of the roles?

  6. I change the person leading the focus activity, so that children get chances to work with different adults -they can have their favourites! Some focus activities are an open house to anyone who comes, or doesn't come for that matter. Others are designed for particular groups and children. We do not force anyone to do an activity but keep a tally sheet and encourage all children to take a turn. If a child or group of children are constantly not showing an interest in the focus we spend time working out why and what to do about it.I actually think the CI activities are, if anything, more important to children's development than the focus activity, and the role of supporting CI the most important and skilled in the nursery classroom. Oops, opening a can of worms!
  7. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    i agree with you, the CI activities are one of, it not the most impoartant aspect of the room. I find it hard explaining to staff the role in which they should be doing! Sorry for all the questions. do you target specific areas of the classroom for the adults to sypport or do you just ask them to oversee the whole classroom and all areas? When a member of staff go to an area, the children flood to that particular area and are willing to do anything that that adult is initiating! Would this person also be writing obsrevations of the chidren?

  8. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I only have a PT nursery usually with 3 adults but this year with 2. We are linked with reception though so have 2 and a half other adults to help man the outside area. We have 2-3 focus activities a week depending on how adult intensive it is.ie an art activity can mean only 2 activities as fewer children can access it at one time than for eg a maths game. We have one focus outdoors running all week as we only have enough staff for 2 outdoors for a short period so the rest of the time there is only 1 and that makes it difficult to do a focus, support CI, crowd control etc all at once. I generally prefer to alternate roles, but unfortunately my NN just doesnt understand certain things especially how to deal with mathematical concepts, so I tend to lead those activities. I dont do focus activities for the whole activity time as I need do observations as well and this year will be worse with only 2 of us and sometimes 1 if it is our turn to man outside, I am also needed to manage the room.
  9. I usually ask them to oversee the whole classroom, see what is going on and get involved where appropriate. It's really a matter of professional judgement. I haven't found that children flood the area, maybe because we get involved with what is already happening and are careful not to initiate anything new, but I know what you mean because I've seen it happen with students and helpers. We all write observations on post it notes but my mantra is: do not write observations if it interferes with supporting children's development. I always try to emphasise that the practical manager role is also extremely important to children's learning and development, it is not just a dog's body role, but is vital for developing PSHE skills and keeping children safe and happy.
  10. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    I agree with you. I think i may have some staffmeetings to do to ensure ALL staff understnad the importance of the roles they are doing. I sometimes find myself doing a focussed activity, whilst managing the children that are arguing over the computer and then write an obs for the child i see counting 1-10 independently in the number area. As the roles people are being asked to do are obviously not defined enough by me, and not followed accordingly by others. I am finding this part of the job very difficult! I need a managable, but effective way of managing all of the staff in the room. Do you then plan togther on a weekly basis? Or do you plan and adapt daily?
  11. Gems, that sounds painfully familiar, but I was lucky enough to have a very good teaching colleague with me towards the end of the year. Previous to that it was me with 2 TAs. We did try to plan as a team, but could only do it by having a lunchtime meeting once a week. The TAs' contracted hours just did not allow for anything much in the way of discussion, they came 10 minutes before the children and left 10 minutes after the first child was collected. We just had to work around it as best we could, snatching moments here and there. This is an issue which SLT and governors should really address. If they want good quality provision they should really be prepared to invest in the people who are going to provide it..... Heyho....We would do some planning together in the lunchtime planning meeting, and latterly the other teacher and I shared planning and discussed everything as we pottered around setting up etc It was rare for us to stick to planning as we tried to adapt to stuff we saw the children doing. We also discussed how the children were responding to the planned provision and changed it if we felt it could be improved. The TA worked well during her contracted hours, but because she was not involved enough in the team I never really felt she had a sense of ownership of what was happening in nursery, or took on board the ethos we were trying to promote.
  12. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    Well, we do have lot of time after school where the TA's stay till late, where at present the time is used to catch up with learning journeys and pfofiles. I think planning is seen as my job and others are not as willing to share ideas. Do you have any examples of timetables that you have in place to show the roles of the staff?
  13. As teacher I would expect to write up the plans and be note taker at the meeting, but I would hope everyone had some input.I put a timetable and a summary of the nursery roles on resources a while back. It's my only resource, so just put thumbie into the search. Sorry can't link to it, no way on my I-pad :)
  14. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    Thank you Thumbie. your document about roles as very good, detailed and clear as what is expected for all staff. Thank you!

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