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NUMU - promoting to all students

Discussion in 'Music' started by andrewliv, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. When I rolled it out I started with KS4 GCSE Music students. Once we had a few decent tracks on I put it out to tutors to share with their tutor class and soon the whole school was buzzing. Maybe some kind of launch competition will help you? When we rolled out to KS3 we had a year 9 competition for their ensemble and recording project. Students were very keen to use it very quickly!
    Good luck.
  2. I have a permission letter, if you send me and email address I will share. I also have a slip which tells students how to get on it. I also spend a few minutes with any students wanting to use it making sure they understand my rules, namely: post nothing you would not want your granny to read, don't identify yourself by name, don't respond to requests for info.

    My other beef about this is that the quality of much of the recording is poor and many of the tracks are just students, normally girls, singing over kareoke tracks - often quite badly. I don't allow anything to go up until the students hab
    Ve got the best performance e they can manage.
  3. HI, I am about to start at my school as well. would you mind sending me your permission letter as well. Thankyou
    I will send you my email if its ok
  4. Hi Rockmeamadeus, would it be possible to send me your permission letter as i am about to start as well. If its Ok I will send you my email. Thanks
  5. Yes, i'm going to school today - will try to get this done this evening. I'm assuming that al those messages in my in box are your emails.
  6. KingShosters

    KingShosters New commenter

    Hi there.
    2 of those messages are mine. For some reason the message system was playing up and managed to send the same one twice! Thanks in advance for your help with this [​IMG]

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