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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by daffodilval, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. I am half way through the Numicon training and have just completed the Diagnostic Assessments, is/has anyone supported this intervention and can offer any advice, is it successful etc?
    Thanks in advance
  2. I use numicon in general maths classes - very good to boost confidence of a couple of students who struggle with basics. I am about to start diagnostic assessments for a selection of students before more focused intervention. Feeling hopeful. :)
  3. Not right for the child I am working with, statemented, poor memory, very low self esteem. Have asked for proper resource kits as I believe this would help instead of a paper baseboard! No one else in the class is low enough to need the intervention. Have voiced my opinion, but do not want another child from another year group as this will increase my workload! Keeping low profile for now
  4. Guest

    We have been using Numicon in my school for one term with great success. It is used as an intervention with 3 children with SEN needs. These children have grasped the concept so quickly and are now creating number sentences, something I would never of thought possible. We have had no formal training and the school bought the wrong book but we have just used our initiative and google to help.
    Would definatley recommend.
  5. Numicon is a good tool and that is just what it is - a tool. It is not good for anything to do with subtraction. I have had training from a lead practitioner and she agrees.
  6. I was told to use numicon with the child that I work with. I wasn't offered any training! our school also bought the wrong book. As a result the child told me he didn't like it [​IMG] so I have put it to one side for now and will try again when I have had the chance to look into it a bit further
  7. I have found numicon really helpful for subtraction as it is so visual.

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