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numeracy test advice

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by tam246, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. tam246

    tam246 New commenter

    Hi I have completed my pgce and am currently looking for work as a pe teacher.I joined a supply teaching agency and was told that i couldn't start my nqt year because i have not passed my numeracy test.this is the one thing that is stopping me from teaching.I've tried the online tests and revised for days on end but i still cannnot pass. I am also dyslexic and get extra time but when it comes to the mental test I forget what the question is and miss the question because I have run out of time.most of the time I'm 2 or 3 marks of passing.I have failed it 6 times so far and really on the verge of giving up any advice would be greatly appreciated I just want to teach. Tam.
  2. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    I thought that you had to pass all 3 TDA Skills Tests before they would let you graduate from your PGCE? That was the case at my University anyway.
    How did you get on with the literature and ICT tests?
    The only thing you can do is practice as much as you can because you need to pass that test. Also, I am not sure how you are only 2/3 marks away from passing every time because the TDA do not give you the scores of the test, only whether you pass or fail.
  3. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    Oh right, I passed all of my tests first time so didn't know that!

  4. Break it down! I posted this advice in another thread...

    Do you know that if they're asking you to find 40% of something, it's actually 2/5 of it? A lot of people panic and htink "oh god! Got to divide by 100 and times by 40... how do I multiply by 40? AHH!"

    If a question says, for example "Class A has 12 students and Class B has 18 students. 40% of the students passed. How many students did not pass?" you should be writing numbers along as you go. So by the time the announcer has finished reading, I have written:
    (12 + 18) / 5 ===== this bit gives me the total, and then 20%, which I can then double to find 40% or triple to find 60%.
    I then get 30/5 = 6. If 20% = 6 then 60% must = 18.

    It's a matter of breaking it down into simple, easily-divided lines, noting down the numbers quickly, and making sense of what the question is asking you. All of the mental questions are designed to have some easy trick, e.g. moving the decimal place or adding together simple numbers, or turning a fraction or percentage into an easier fraction or percentage. Once you figure those out the mental side comes very quickly.

    Be specific. What do you struggle with? Which questions do you find hard or do you think you might be failing on? If you can be specific maybe one of us (I don't mind) can give you support. Feel free to IM me any time, I LOVE maths!

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