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Numeracy resources

Discussion in 'Primary' started by elljell, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. elljell

    elljell New commenter

    I would appreciate it if anybody could recommend any resources that they have found invaluable for either KS1 or KS2 maths. I have recently been given some money to spend to replenish our meagre equipment and as everything in catalogues and on websites looks wonderful recommendations would be ideal. Thank you in anticipation of your help.
  2. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    I've found Stile Maths very useful to have for indepedent group work. If I had a spare few hundred to spend, I'd get it for sure.
  3. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    I found the Rising Stars maths practice and assessment books to be fantastic They contain targeted differentiated questions which really improved my questioning/planning. (Link here) There's one for each year group, including assessment books. Wouldn't take much away from your budget.

    Aside from that, I would suggest looking in to these:
    Numicon for both KS1 & 2 (if you already have this then perhaps ordering more).
    Bulk money set from the TTS Group £24 - really adds value to money lessons (link)
    Fraction bean bags from TTS Group (link) and fraction dice (link)

    All resources that I have used in various placement schools that just added that something extra to the lessons and i'm desperate to use again if I ever leave the early years.
  4. porker

    porker New commenter

  5. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Another vote for Numicon (for KS1; I don't have experience of KS2 so can't comment on how useful it would be there) and also Cuisennaire rods, which are useful for making a number line more practical.
  6. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Although I agree 100% about Numicon and Cuisenaire, I would advise AGAINST buying it unless you were prepared to invest in proper training - I often compare not doing so to buying a Ferrari but no driving lessons.

    Disclaimer - In the interest of transparency, I am involved with both training and authoring for Numicon but even if I was not I would still offer exactly the same advice.

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