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numeracy qts nightmare!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Kartoshka, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    You say you know the maths, so what is it about the tests that's letting you down - is it that you run out of time? Can you do the questions within the time limit at home and it's just the test centre environment that makes you panic, or do you find generally that it takes you longer than you've got to work the answers out?
  2. Have you been able to identify what exactly it is you are struggling on? For example fractions, pie charts, money. Or perhaps it's more technique related? Some people only listen to the questions the first time they're read and then take the headphones off to avoid distraction - whereas some only listen the first time and don't start writing anything down until the second reading ... find what works for you. Also under the "technique" heading is the possibilty that you can't interperet the questions (all sections, not just the spoken ones) well enough or quickly enough to get it down to the bare numbers (this may or may not be related to dyslexia).
    Once you've identified the issue(s) then you can start to move forward.
    What is your maths tutor doing with you? If s/he hasn't tried to ask the same questions as above then I'm sorry to say that you've been ripped off!
  3. Umm its defintely the time issue, I guess having extra time makes it a bit easier...also there is too mucch language in a question and I fimd it hard to select the key pieces, i find that hard in english let alone maths. Its the dyslexia coming out and being a pain :( why o why are things much more complicated for moi?!

    p.s thanks for all your replies!
  4. puffinjen

    puffinjen New commenter

    I used the 'Pass the QTS numeracy test' book and just concentrated on the second section because I found the first section (the timed part) just too fast and I figured if I could crack the second section and get most of them right I'd pass - and it worked for me. I know I did badly in the first section because for some of the questions I didn't even have time to type in an answer!
  5. That's right! I calculated it. As long as you nail the second section you can pass without getting any of the first section right. I have issues with mental arithmetic and I knew I could easily pass with a calculator... But then perhaps it's the second section you're having trouble with...
  6. I wasn't clear about the rules when I took it. For the "mental maths" questions, is the candidate allowed to write anything down ... e.g. the key points of the question as it is being read out? I did it all in my head but afterwards wondered if I had made it more difficult than it needed to be
  7. puffinjen

    puffinjen New commenter

    You can write anything down. I wrote out the numbers as they were reading it out the first time then didn't listen the second time unless I had to!
  8. Thanks all, think I just need a therapist right now!!
  9. Ok, I'll be honest here. It took me a considerable amount of time and effort.
    I think I broke some kind of record in fact.
    Over 14 times before I was successful and even then that was from when I started counting.

    I've done the test enough times to know that it's a mix of skill, knowledge and luck. I practiced using the online materials and got an iphone app for the mental maths - basically a kids game for times tables.
    Don't get too down about it. There are varying degrees of difficulty within each test. I honestly believe that on the day I passed, it came down to luck. Hopefully that'll happen for you soon too.
  10. I am dyslexic and old (50) so was worried about all the tests - especially the maths.
    Do the practice tests...then do the practice tests...then do the practice tests...did I say do the practice tests. Keep doing the practice tests till you pass them consistently - I did one or two every evening for a couple of weeks before my date. When I started I ran out of time or failed everytime. By the end of week one I was passing 50% of the time...took me a while to crawl up to 90% and a bit longer to get to 99%
    Yes, they repeat, but the joys of being dyslexic is you wont remember...but eventually the process becomes unconcious the way walking and talking does.
    Get used to the questions - the style and how they are asked. The app mentioned above sounds good - also ask someone who is good with mental maths about short-cuts to help you speed up, there are "tricks" which take some of the pain out of questions.The self help books...forget them IMHO, they arent worth the paper they are written on for dyslexics.
  11. It took me eight times to pass mine. I was hopeless at Maths anyway - I didn't have a book but used everything else! Even BBC Bitesize for KS3! Are you using the online practice tests on the TDA? When I took my last test, I tried my best on the mental arithmatic and then just worked really, really hard on the non-timed section. I would also speak to your tutor and see what they suggest. You can get an extended deadline til September, but you'd need to ask your tutor about that because I'm not sure about the details. I'm sure you will pass it-keep perservering! :)
  12. Thanks all, have done all the practice tests, you- tubed times tables, theres not one thing I havent tried honestly, sometimes I think im trying to much, I agree, its do with skills etc but I feel that I do have them, despite being dyslexic, that just makies it harder. but feel that I need a big boost of luck, everyone keeps on saying that I will get 'my test'- but I just dont understand why I get the bad tests and everyone else is sailing through it. just not fair for us that work really hard!

  13. Hey
    I'm in the same situation, i still havent passed my maths QTS and i'm also dyslexic. You shouldn't have to pay for a maths tutor it should be free from the Disabled students allowence. I failed my last test by 4 marks...is it true you don't have to get any of the mental maths correct?
    As a typical dyslexic this is also where is struggle...I thought you had to get a least a few of them right?
    A good tip given by my tutor is not to start straight away- write anything you need to down first (e.g. times tables etc)
    Good luck...x
  14. Nopeee, am paying for one myself! good luck too, im just finding it incredible how many times I have taken it now, think might be a record or something, makes your feel really silly the fact that it is taking too long!!

  15. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    I love this tip! Under time limited questions I get frazzled and forget the most basic things!

    I will definitely be using this tip and writing out times table, time (hours - minutes etc) in the hope of using them as a shortcut!

  16. Are you sure that's allowed? I give a similar tip to my GCSE students (maths), but when the invigilator says start it's up to them whether they actually start answering questions or write down a few key things not to forget ...
    However, from what I remember, you tell the computer when you are ready to start and it then goes straight into the mental maths/verbal questions. Therefore, anything you write down before you start could be treated in much the same way as taking a crib-sheet with you. I'm not saying it's cheating ... but it might be viewed that way by a vigilant worker at the test centre.
  17. One of the rules is:
    'Nothing should be written down before the first question (or practice question in numeracy) has appeared.'
  18. Was just about to post the same.
    Here's the link to the rules page
  19. HI Lucy.

    I was dreading the Numeracy QTS test (I got my GCSE grade C at the third attempt...). I found that using the TDA practice tests dented my confidence: however, the 'Benchmark' test is the one that in reality (for me at least) was most like the real test. I gained confidence from passing the Benchmark and really understanding the methods and strategies, a lot of which as a mature student I'd never come accross before.

    Can I add that remaining calm (easier than it sounds) really helped too - I got a mental block on the practice question before the test had even started, but I didn't panic and had faith in my revision. Don't think I did great in the mental maths part, but the second section allows you to focus, and with huge relief, I managed to pass it at the first attempt.

    Use the Benchmark as your revision and have another go. Stay calm and focus on all you've learnt - good luck, you can do it!

  20. Thanks guys, its just really deflating me, just so sick of taking it all the time when everyone else is passing it with no problems!! I got a C at GCSE at the third try too Andy! I just think that I seem to struggle more than others..people keep on syaing that its all about luck though, so you think that the tests vary in difficulty?

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