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Numeracy investigations

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by MillyStar, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    Hello, we have ofsted monday/Tuesday. I am a bit concerned about my numeracy. I am in year 4. We have been doing the compact method in num so on Monday I thought I would go over this and the lows and middles can practise and I'll teach the tops the 2 digit by 2 digit method, then on Tuesday I want them to apply the skill which I thought they could do through an investigation. What does everyone think? I need some investigation ideas. Thanks
  2. what is the compact method?
  3. Do you mean the long multiplication algorithm?
  4. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    Oops I mean the compact method for multiplication! So need multiplication investigation ideas!
  5. If so ... perhaps a school trip investigation

    Some prices provided for different places

    prices of a packed lunch, a drink, etc

    What is the total cost if xx children go
    What can you do if you only have ££ money
  6. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    Thank you, that's a good idea especially as we have just been on a trip

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