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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by pangar, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. While I am currently exploring the option of retraining in another field, I would welcome some advice with regard to what Maths specialists think that non-specialists should do to acquire a reasonably firm grasp of how to improve numeracy at KS 3 & KS 4. I ask this as it is increasingly clear that how those of us over forty were taught differs substantially to how it is done now, and it simply confuses the learners if they are faced with the 'old' and the 'new' all at the same time. Could anyone recommend a short course that would serve this end?
  2. Rote learn their tables and division.
    Make them all stand up at the front of the class and fire enough questions to make them take responsibility for their own learning.
    Give them 100 addition and subtraction questions for homework and send them away with a number line to include negatives.
    Show no interest in any new fangled garbage about VAK learners or 'SEAL' and lesson structure.
    SImply drill them, rote learn and repetitious learning masters the basics with kids having to take responsibility for their learning.
    Will Ofsted like it? No....will SLT like it? no....will they thank you when you have a higher conversion of C/D kids who fall down on numeracy? yes.
    Everytime I structure a lesson in the new fashionable oftsed way my kids suffer or their are not learning at the best rate.
    Send letters to the parents with a timestables grid or two and get them involved. Chucking sand and 'making it fun' is one of the reasons we are a joke in the world in terms of maths education.


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