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Numeracy co-ordinator problem solving and mental maths tips please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by happyhols, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. happyhols

    happyhols New commenter

    I have just been given the role of numeracy co-ordinator and the first thing my head teacher wants me to look at is the development of problem solving skills and mental maths skills throughout the schools.
    Does anyone have any advice in terms of resources they have bought / used? Whole school initiatives carried out? Theme weeks linked to problem solving or any other advice on this subject
  2. I'm also looking for great resources to purchase for problem solving. I've been lucky enough with being given a good budget to spend...just not sure what to spend it on.

    nrich website is great for problem solving ideas. You can share it with teachers, going through some of the activities with them and advising them on how to use it as a whole lesson

    We have Enterprise week at our school - where the whole school get involved in creating products to sell based on a £25 pound budget per class. Children really get excited, as do staff!

    We also will be holding a problem solving challenge in the Summer term where the whole school will get a problem a week. Classes work together to solve the problem for the term and receive prizes!
  3. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Hi. I;m not sure what your budget is but I would recommend Talk it Solve it from BEAM. They are photocopiable resources and rarely an INSET day goes by without me using something from one of them.
    The ATM also produce something brilliant called 'We Can Work it Out' - I have lost my copy and feel rather bereft! I recommend both these highly - and can recommend more if you are interested but these are a good starting point for AT1.
  4. Gratzia

    Gratzia New commenter

    NRICH website is great for problem solving and has loads of ideas for lessons (all age groups too).

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