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Number of jobs advertised in international schools this month

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by mzuzuhead, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I don't know if it's my imagination but there appears to be a very small number of jobs advertised in international schools this month-48 today in the TES.There's normally lots of schools looking for last minute appointments at this time of year.What's happening?
  2. Did you look at them?
    I've seen my favourite job advert ever, "Teach English in China, the Disney way"
  3. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    Mzuzuhead, I was thinking of starting a very similar post for exactly the same reason. Statistically, I would have expected to see a few jobs at this time of year, due to deaths, illness, etc. But there's been virtually nothing. And I don't just mean in my subject. So I too am wondering what the hell is going on.

    The only thing I can think of is that in these times of recession maybe schools are putting more work on remaining staff instead of replacing those who leave. I've certainly seen this done (when I worked in I.T.) during other recessions. Most people then become so frightened of losing their job, and not being able to get another, that they will take any amount of sh1t and not complain.
  4. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Is there any evidence that the international school sector, as a whole and excluding the odd local horror story, is experiencing the full force of the economic crisis?
    In a country by no means isolated from the recession's chilly blast, we find the school full, we are turning kids away, have hired extra staff and invested in development. Our two main 'competitors' report the same state of health, and a recent startup international school is filling nicely and due to become the fourth viable kid on the block.
    Or in Ecospeak, 'in the face of contraction in the national economy at an annual rate of almost 5% of GDP, the international school sector increased by 25% in 2010-11'.
    We aim to cover the latest batch of maternity leaves locally, and were there to be a sudden illness this would also be our first resort rather than advertising in the TES.
    As for deaths... we should be so lucky... "I've got a little list/ Of those who'd not be missed" tra la.

  5. Dear David,
    Thanks for your reply.That's exactly what I thought.In the TES, the jobs are down enormously for this time of the year.
    Thanks again.

  6. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    Obviously I can't speak for most locations, but Germany is meant to be weathering the recession very well, and yet I know of several schools in Berlin that would love to substantially increase their role.

    Yes, for the hassle involved in recruitment, this makes a lot of sense. But do you always find locals for the required specialism. When I do substitute work in maths, chemistry or physics the reaction is "thank god, we can rarely find specialists in these subjects".

    Very true, I think most schools have a few whose elliptical billiard game would be much better than their teaching.
  7. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Dead right, David, these are the nightmare subjects.
    Four years ago when a Chemist went his sudden, stroppy way, I had to prise an elderly ex-colleague out of retirement. He took a bit of persuading to abandon his TV sofa, his allotment and his season ticket at the local football club back in the idyllic Welsh marches, to spend six months in a city he'd never seen - and naturally I worried that the students might not take to someone so 'senior'.
    But he stayed two years, enjoying the school and the country, while the youngsters loved his old-school disdain for health and safety in the laboratory and for political correctness of speech and behaviour elsewhere.
    As for neglecting to replace departing staff and just making everyone else work harder, I can see that working nicely for IT technicians or the accounts office or anywhere else in admin. - you can even pay those hard-pressed survivors a little extra something and still come out saving compared to a 'new hire'.
    But when you are employing three specialist Chemists on 27 periods a week, and one of them vanishes up the fume cupboard, then the timetable will not permit the remaining two gas-heads to cover by going the extra mile(s) even if they wanted to.
    (of course you can inform parents that IB Chemistry is no longer on the menu, or you can require of three teachers, of Geography, PE and Religious Studies respectively, that they take on an additional nine periods each of Chemistry, but here we pass from the merely cynical to the self-destructively stupid)
    The idea that brutal managers exploit the workers in times of recession by making them grind harder for fear of losing their jobs, fits a certain paranoid-schoolboy-marxist view of the workplace but cannot in my opinion account for an alleged paucity of adverts at this season.
    Perhaps, just as the A level and GCSE results improve every single year, international schools are doing a better and better job recruiting staff in a timely fashion, retaining good teachers, keeping them contented, and maintaining a local pool of potential substitutes for when Ms X returns in September with a radiant smile on her face and an interesting bump in her midriff.
    (I'm told that money has changed hands in the staff room as a result of betting, among reprobate rugbymen, on which of our colleagues would take maternity leave this year)
    And to conclude this inane bloggery - I have personally conducted the statutory medical examinations of each of our new teachers and can report that there is not a single tattoo to be seen.
  8. Of the schools I know, none are back in terms of student return and only one has staff returning today. Id expect schools are probably covering any obvious gaps in house. I know of one thats doing this and giving people 3/4 subjects instead of recruiting to keep staff numbers down. Id expect the number of jobs to increase in the next two to three weeks.
    Scotlands schools went back mid august and there are plenty of vacancies advertised there just now. I think in the EU that more people do a runner in week 2 or 3 realising they hate their new job than fail to turn up. Thats what Ive seen anyway.
  9. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    Yes, you can't just shove anyone in a lab. But I have seen someone forced to teach maths. The person in question had never taught a maths lesson in his life, he had about 10 extra periods added to his timetable, including AS statistics. AND, so I'm informed, the school sent a letter out to parents telling them he was an experienced maths teacher. The poor chap had to endure this for about 5 months, until another maths teacher was enticed from a rival school - and, to use his own reported phrase, he is now being worked to the bone.

    And they tell me the the only concentration camp is way over the other side of Berlin.
  10. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Of course there may be a very simple reason for the relative dearth of ads - the TES could be losing custom, with international schools finding other, cheaper ways of bringing their vacancies to the attention of candidates.
  11. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    How about 2 or 3 days. A couple of winters ago (the coldest in decades) a teacher did a runner from a really nice school.
  12. I dont know SMT dude. Ive seen first hand some pretty brutal tactics including changing the timetable to have more slots so as to reduce teacher numbers and fill up vacant slots with 2,3 or even 4 subjects. Owners from what Ive heard are being far more ruthless and people do fear their jobs.
    Ive always said that International Schools love teachers with mortgages and kids coming up to IGCSE age, because they have you in a vice grip. Many people I know cant leave their jobs because they cant sell up. This is a big issue in Spain for example, so teachers will take anything thats thrown at them, such as multiple subjects, serving kids lunch to save the owners money, having a % of private tutoring money taken by the school, cash under the table that legally doesnt exist, etc etc.
  13. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    ahh! Now I feel loved. Small mortgage payments still trickling out, and infant princess fronting up to John Examiner next summer.
    Take your point, warrior - there are indeed people who are in no position to wriggle away, and we wasters on the SMT doubtless need to be more creatively aware of the evil power that we have at our disposal.
    We are not cursed with an 'owner' which means that if I were an even worse bllshtter, I could blather on about every 'stakeholder' 'taking ownership' of our 'collegial project'.
    While shafting them all.
  14. Lucky you, Dude!

    I'm quite intrigued as to how this not entirely inclement weather should happen in your neck of the woods!

    In our stamping ground, pickings are not nearly so rich and the outlook for 'intanashanul skools' not, at this moment, nearly so rosy...

    Perhaps it's the weather...
  15. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Ironically today has 'dawned' dark and damp and foggy after overnight rain.. for the superstitious, an evil omen for first day of term.
    Anyway the gates are open, the turnstiles are clicking, and the next couple of hours will show whether we have been counting unhatched chickens...
  16. I am now feeling like an innocent, albeit a lucky one. I wouldn't put up with my timetable being adapted in that manner, nor with being made to teach a subject I was not confident in teaching. Whilst I have volunteered in the past to stand in for a teacher or two that did a runner, it wasn't obligatory and I was kept up to date with the search for replacements.
    Several international schools are not yet back so perhaps you may yet benefit from those deaths you seem to be awaiting, ghouls that you are.
  17. RW - you are talking about a skit sckool like it's the bloody norm - I'm with maja - I feel like I am in paradise (I am....) and yet my school still gets the odd kicking on ISR (who couldn't use grammar correctly on their website... [​IMG])!!!
    And, please let me remind you all, this is what this site is for; giving advice, encouraging people to go to good places and avoid the chaff...
    And for a bit of a giggle, especially to annoy the recent poster, made of wood, who thought the site should be about as witty as a Getling post...Ooooof.
    No offence, Dave, you dull basterd... [​IMG]

  18. That's a terrible thing to say!
    Maybe you should view this link which I just copied from a thread on the Science forum;
  19. Cheers Robby,
    That's enough excitement for me for the day.
    Back to bed.
  20. Finally, you've made me smile.

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