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Number of International Jobs

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mrjack, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    I wouldn't know about SA previous mandates, considerably before my time. I have dealt with them since September and found them to be professional, organized and a valuable asset to teachers serious about working in serious schools. Yes, some of the schools on their books might be considered dodgy, my current school included, but the number of world class schools, my next school included, on the books far outweigh the poor ones. I went to the job fair in BKK and saw a number of minorities, many people over 40, and believe it or not a couple of women! Speaking from hearsay versus experience will always get you into trouble. I will insist nothing of the sort, far from it. I have heard the same stories, school not hiring minorities because they know the culture and parents of their school won't accept it, insisting hiring people of a certain age to suit the atmosphere of the current staff, but I have never heard of no women. How does this differ from a religious school in the UK insisting applicants be an active member of a local church? What I struggle to believe is that the "real world" you so righteously uphold as the standard we should all strive to reach is without these same contradictions. It might not be morally right DG, but living overseas (not in Germany) teaches you very quickly our perceptions of morality are just that, a perception. Insisting and forcing these perceptions upon the culture we are living in as guests rarely works out well for the teacher.

    .....[insert indignant reply here]
  2. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Not in the UK you can't, it's illegal. Having spoken with many agencies in the past as a recuiter and seeking work, many understand that owners in some parts of the world have narrow views, however the agencies themselves wouldn't dare to discriminate when doing the actual recruitment. If you have any proof you should report it.
    I think more sour grapes on your part. Whilst on the one hand I will criticise Karvol for his methods, to an extent I sympathise with his rational. You really need to stop bleeting crp DG.
  3. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    David I do see a certain negativeness combined with a certain know it all attitude that really is unwise with a picture up! Assuming your real, well you get lots of wind up merchants on the net, I would focus on the positives!

    As for search it makes sense to charge a fee otherwise you end up with not so serious candidates just registering. On the other hand it's tough on those in hard to place subjects as they might pay and end up with nothing. As I'm in the uk I didn't pay a fee due to uk law designed to stop con merchants so would have thought twice as lots of jobs on tes. However their database was worth seeing for pay scales and perks offered by other schools so would in the future.

    As for original op lots more teachers looking for jobs. Refugee teachers from the middle east and oversupply in uk must have had an effect. Too many unemployed student teachers in UK as supply work dead, schools cutting staff numbers (my school on a recruitment freeze - get anyone to teach any subject!) and use of unqualified staff. These are looking overseas in some cases as young, mobile and cheap. So certainly supply demand ratio worse.
  4. David is certainly real and he makes his CV public. It has been a topic of much discussion lately, and quoted as a reason for his negativeness and sour grapes. I wish David would stop posting because his "advice" I find quite poisonous. He makes conjecture sound like absolute fact and experience, and makes far too many blanket statements and frankly controversial and unprofessional statements. I also find it astonishing that he posts this stuff while simultaneously broadcasting his identity.
    I'd agree with Nemo in that joining Search is worth it just for being able to access their database, looking at pay and how many other jobs are going at a particular school (could be a warning sign). Lots of jobs there that don't appear on CIS or TES. I got my job there and it wasn't advertised on TES, and it is a very good school. I also went to their fair in London and found it a great experience, even though I didn't get my job there (got it after the fair via their website and then over the phone).

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