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NSCL confirms demise of NPQH requirements

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by MisterMaker, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    My regular email / newsletter from NSCL led me to an NPQH update today. Aparently from 8th Feb 2012 it is no longer a requirement for a substantive headship in the UK.
    Anyone about to rush back to the UK to take up a headship on this wonderful news?
    I've met several heads and wannabe heads with an NPQH; generally I've been unimpressed. Anyone else has a different experience. Admittedly I considered doing the thing myself once upon a time, but was put off by cost and lack of need. A masters in educational leadership seems so much worthwhile.
  2. Is this the point that SMT start banging on about how PhDs can't teach?
    Life long learning? I am MM...beleive me, I am.
  3. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    I have an excellent study carried out over a large sample which proves conclusively that there is no connection between qualifications and the ability to teach.

    When you think about it, its obvious really.

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