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NQTS and CAD in D&T

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by hockey01, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Dear all I am doing a paper on the pedagody of CAD I hope to develop materials which I will post when I finish. I am just wish to gauge your experience of teaching CAD the problems you and you students have. Also when you were training how much CAD teaching did you have at Uni?
  2. I teach DT and CAD - I did a GTP and got no CAD training, but as I was a graphic designer and used 'similar'(less frustrating Adobe!) programmes. I picked up 2D Design, google sketch up and pro desktop very quickly. All self taught. Oh! I also learnt crocodile clips after watcing a teacher teach it and food for PC the same way!I actually ended up teaching a few old timers a few tricks in 2D design!
    I have worke dn 3 schools - one did teh basics of CAd as the teachers were not comfortabe with it - the second school taught pro desktop to Year 7 - complete contrast!
    The kids pick up 2D design/google sketch up quicker than I did!
    Pro desktop they find a lot harder - the idea of different planes. I usually demo with sheets of paper - but it is still a hard concept for someof them to get - still working on that one!
    I think it is an area of DT that is being dreadfully overlooked and is so important into todays technological world! Look forward to your findings! If I can be of any further help (I know that I have done is just an outline) please get in touch

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