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NQT Year

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Alec2005, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. 30 days.
    <font face="MyriadMMSemiBold" color="#9074ff">3.7 </font>The induction period (see paras 2.39 &ndash; 2.53) is automatically extended prior to completion when an NQT&rsquo;s absences during the period total 30 days or more (with the exception of
    statutory maternity leave, see para 3.10). In these circumstances the induction period must be
    extended by the aggregate total of days absent, for example, if the NQT is absent for a total of
    35 days, the induction period is extended by 35 days (at least &ndash; see 3.8). Please note that
    when the NQT works part-time, only absences that fall when the NQT is contracted to work
    should be counted.
  2. Sorry Alec, minor correction needed here.
    It is 29 days absence that is the maximum time off during the induction year. As the paragraph you copied says 30 days or more triggers the extension. Even with the 29 days off, the LA would still have to grant the reducation and will only do so in exceptional circumstances and provided the NQT is meeting all the induction standards in full

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