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NQT year as a ppa cover teacher

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by cab22, May 24, 2007.

  1. Hi does anyone have an opinion on whether it is a good idea to do your nqt year as a ppa teacher?
  2. Hi does anyone have an opinion on whether it is a good idea to do your nqt year as a ppa teacher?
  3. I didn't think you could do this because you have to be in the same year group for a certain amount of time. Could be wrong but I would check it out of I was you.

  4. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    You don't have to be in the same year group all the time (if you did how would middle years or secondary NQTs pass induction!)

    PPA cover is a great way to gain fab behaviour management skills as you have to adapt more closely to the different classes you get - and yes you can complete induction doing it.
  5. I have asked this as there is a post near me for 3 days a week but waiting for the school to get back to me to see if I can do my induction.

  6. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I think you have to be teaching a large amount of the core subjects for this to be ok so if the PPA cover is all music or ICT etc there could be a problem.
  7. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Again it doesn't have to be in 'core' subjects!

    It can be in any subject (or combination) in any type of school (expect a PRU I think) for any key stage (or combination of) (but not in FE).
  8. But you should be regularly teaching the same children (which would normally be the case for a primary PPA cover) so that you can demonstrate the planning ability required to meet the induction standards.
  9. Go for it. What a school will want to see is that you're genuinely easy going and flexible to change and disruption, plus good and consistent with managing behaviour.

    Where is the school ff392?
  10. I did this for my first 2 terms of NQT it was great and gave me lots of experience!

    I loved doing it!!

    If you want to get in touch my e-mail is rachel@makemeasnowflake.wanadoo.co.uk

    I can always give you help and ideas as to how I managed!!

  11. shell43

    shell43 New commenter

    Just coming to the end of my NQT year as PPA, it has been great mainly due to the fact that I've had a great mentor and a supportive staff.

    Personally I think it's a good way to do your NQT year as you can experience a great deal of behaviour techniques and teaching styles.
  12. Hi there!
    I am just reading about the discussion about completing your NQT year doing PPA, however I notice that this was quite a few years ago. Do you know of this is still the case now?
  13. Hi Ciara. I qualified in 2010 as a primary teacher. Since Jan I have been working in 2 schools doing PPA cover (2 days in each school.) I have a mentor in both schools and am observed every half term and set targets etc with my mentors. I am working towards completing my NQT year, and will have completed it by April next year. At first I had a few concerns about doing my NQT year this way as I was worried about not having my own class, not getting to do much assessment, not teaching all subjects etc but I have found it to be so valuable. You have to be very hot on behaviour management and my subject knowledge has improved due to the many year groups and subjects I have been teaching. My confidence has greatly increased as well. Also it is good to get your 'foot in the door' of a school, if a full time vacancy came up, I would hope that I would be considered in the schools I am teaching in currently.

    Good luck!
  14. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The general guidance is that PPA cover work is not appropriate for NQTs and it is specifically mentioned as excluded in 2.25 of the Statutory Guidance, the reasons are that you have to be employed to do similar role as similar substantive posts in the organisation. Your school must have made specific arrangements with the approriate body in order to ensure that you will meet all the core standards elsewhere within the induction process?
  15. Martial_Artiste

    Martial_Artiste New commenter

    Hi - I did it and LOVED it.... in fact it has made me the man I am today!
  16. Hi Leanne,
    It's reassuring to hear your success story re: enjoying your induction journey as a cover teacher. I am starting primary induction as a cover teacher but f/t in one school. I have yet to get my individual induction programme drawn up.
    (1) One thing I was wondering concerning yourself is how do you monitor yourself against the core standards - i.e. do you
    plan and agree with your mentors which standards you will
    cover off in which school in which half term? If so, is this what determines the design of your individualised induction programme? I'm just trying to get my head around the best way to manage it. So any tips you have for managing myself and my progress would be really useful.
    (2) Also, in terms of planning, do you get each class teacher's long term plans in advance and then just deliver their lessons or do you design your own short term plan's and lesson objectives which feed out of their LTP's?
    (3) As we cover a variety of classes, are there any key things I need to prepare myself for when it comes to teaching across the classes (i.e. I'm thinking consistency with behaviour management in line with the class teacher's procedures along with some positive reward systems). Are there any other things I need to be wary of? Or to help with my organisation?
    (4) How do you keep abreast the vast range of subject knowledge? Do you have early access to LTP's, know what you will be teaching when and then gel up? Any advice on how you manage this aspect will be appreciated.
    (5) What degree of involvement do you have with assessing pupils progress? Is it just daily marking or are you involved with end of 'unit' assessments or end of 'term' assessments? Do you have any devised feedback mechanisms you use for tracking or sharing pupils progress with the class teacher? It's just that I know there are a few core standards around assessment, so conscious about how these can be met as cover teacher.
    Apologies for the looong list of questions, I initially only had one but then my mind has run away with me...LOL!! There seems so much to get my head around without the comfort blanket of my Uni tutors to offer advice! But I guess if I can get my head around these key questions first, then everything else will (hopefully) fall into place.
    Thanks in advance for your time.
  17. Hi Missy,

    Yes, with the core standards that is exactly what we do. I am lucky in that my schools are both very supportive. From my observations, we think of possible targets against the core standards and go from there. Also as the schools receive money for NQTs, I have been on a few courses. To be honest most of the assessing against the core standards is done by my mentor after observations, I have regular chats though too and talk about areas I excel/ need assistance in.. hope that helps?

    I teach a lot of RE and music where I do the LTPs myself (In one school) whereas in the other one where I teach a lot of maths etc, I have the teachers long term plans and do an individual lesson plan in more depth for that.
    Yes you definitely need to be organised, it is quite difficult organisation wise.. With behaviour management I follow the schools policy but also I use sticker charts with the kids which I carry around with me and blu tac to the whiteboard and then every half term I give a little prize (pencil etc) to the child/children in each class with the most stickers. Also be prepared - sometimes teachers swap their PPA so you may go in teaching a different class to what you are expecting! Be firm but fair - I always tell the children if they are fair to me, I will be fair to them and we can all have a nice day but if they misbheave they better look out lol.
    4) With subject knowledge, the internet has been a gem! If you can have access to LTPs that is great because you can brush up in advance... Woodlands Jr is a fantastic website for getting children to understand things but otherwise I just google it or look in the school for resources and books. There's quite a lot of plans on here in resources which are fab so you can just search for those or primary resources is good too. Also check out NGFL cymru.. all good for brushing up.
    My involvement with assessing is mainly marking, I had to level the children recently for music and also have attended APP staff meetings and have had discussions with teachers who are unsure whether a child is a level 3 or 4 for example. The most important thing is I do make notes wherever possible e.g. certain child does not understand fractions etc.

    What I will say, from my experiences, the schools are very helpful and you don't need to worry too much - just go in prepared, friendly and enthusiastic and the school will be happy to help you in any way they can.

    Hope this has helped - good luck
  18. Oh, and with assessing as well get the children involved in self assessment and peer assessment - schools like that :)
  19. Hi Missy.

    I have been doing my NQT year as a PPA teacher and I have enjoyed every moment. I think you need to sit down with your mentor and plan your whole year out to ensure that you meet all of the standards!
    Answers to your above questions (the way it has worked for me anyway)

    1) I sat down with my mentor at the beginning of the school year and we looked at the standards that I would need to concentrate on i.e. parents meetings are mentioned somewhere so I attended and held parents meetings for a selection of children - the other teachers were more than happy to let me do this! I have recorded everything that I have done this year! I have an NQT file per term as I have a record of everything to ensure that all standards have been met - and more importantly evidence for each one! Was an awful lot of work but worth it in the end!

    2) Planning - I was told by the senior advisor from our LEA that I would only be able to do my NQT year as a PPA teacher if I was planning my own lessons. I was given subject areas at the beginning of the year and it was my responsibility to do everything for these. Even write the report!

    3) With this one I just found that you need to be really flexible and do what works for you!

    4) Its just a case of researching everything as you would being a normal class teacher!

    5) Ive already covered this! oops. lol. I cover all aspects of assessment within my subject areas.

    If you want to know anymore just ask and I will tell you how I found it! Every school is deifferent though so you will need to speak to your school to find out what they expect.


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