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Nqt writing spring reports

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by rcbet, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. rcbet

    rcbet New commenter

    Any help and guidance is really really appreciated. I have been with my tricky year 3's since January and have been told I need to write reports for the children for this term. I have no idea what i should be putting in and where to get the information from.
    I already feel like my class don't really do much from day to day and I have only been with them really from january. I asked for help and my school are very helpful but now I have asked i dont feel like I can ask again. one teacher said it is best to have 3 levels top middle and bottom with genericphrases in that i tweak slightly for each child. In truth i don't even know what my, 'generic' phrase should be or if that is cheating and unproffessional.
    Pleae please help. As i said my school are really generous and have allowed me tomorrow off to write them.
  2. rcbet

    rcbet New commenter

    That is and has been REALLY useful thank you so much. I am still a long way of completing them but your guidance has definitely made it easier. :) Thank you x

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