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NQT working in a PRU

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Mrs_Frog, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Mrs_Frog

    Mrs_Frog New commenter

    I think that is a little harsh. I have recently taken up a post in a secondary PRU, and that is not the case here at all. A former colleague of mine also left our last school to work in a secondary PRU, and by all accounts, his experience is similar to mine. We were both in a Secondary BESD Special School in the centre of a city on the south coast.
    It is very different from mainstream, I will certainly give it that. I have done time in mainstream secondary, and believe me, the PRU is a great deal calmer than my last mainstream school ever was. Since September, I have not been sworn at, nor have I had what I would consider to be severely disruptive behaviour. There have been a few things, but hey, the pupils here have a lot of other issues going on, hence why they are here.
    I appreciate that PRUs in other parts of the country may not be the same as this one, and that pupils should perhaps already be in the BESD specialist provision, but my experience of mainstream, special and now a PRU, I know where I am happiest!
    With regards to NQTs being in such a setting, there is a very strong argument to complete a few years in mainstream before transferring across to alternative provision, of any sort. Mainstream settings are where teachers need to cut their teeth and experience the positives and negatives of such a job. I know some truly excellent teachers, friends and former colleagues, who have had their challenges, but put them 5 minutes in the environments that I have worked, they would go to pieces. I have also worked with some incredible staff within the BESD setting, who do wonders with challenging pupils.
    I have said for a long time, and believe me it is no disrespect to any teacher at all, that you can't train for BESD and PRU provision. It is something that you either can or can't do, and it has so much more to do with the type of person someone is than the training they receive.
    B x

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