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NQT with child care issues. Would it be appropropriate to ask for 0.8 of a timetable to meet my childcare needs

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Curae, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Curae

    Curae Star commenter

    I am currently completing my PGCE and applying for teaching jobs. I am also a mother of 2 twins aged 2.5 years and an 8 year old. They will as from September all attend the same school and moreover my 2 year old twins will need me to spend a little time with them at school for the first week or so to settle them in. Would it be appropriate to ask if I could by arrangement attend school slightly later and leave school slightly earlier on say 3 days a week.I would of course accept a reduction in salary. However I am concerned that as this will be my first year as an NQT it may seem inappropriate. I have a supportive family and can manage but simply need that valuable hour in the morning afternoon 3 times a week.
    Please infrom me as this is naturally a concern I must resolve. .
  2. Hi
    This is the case with many parents whether teacher or not and I am afraid it is also one of the negatives of being a teacher because you cannot work flexitime or take a day holiday
    As you are an NQT and just starting a job you have to make the right impressions and this seems like a taste of things to come.You havesaid three days a week for teh first week or so..

    Not sure whether you're secondary or primary but you have taken on a post fully aware of what it requires. You are there to teach and the beginning of term is crucial for all pupils in your classes and the beginning of you establishing how things go on for the future. Students need continuity and a staggered start at the beginning of the year for them will not be good. What happens if the classes you have are first period and last period in those days? They do not start being taught by their teacher until week 3 of the acedemic year.
    As a parent I would not be pleased and as your HOD I would be equally unimpressed
    You have to make the decisions about your work/life balance and plan
    accordingly in teaching, which I see you are trying to do. If you have supportive family around who can help then I
    would suggest that they may be do so. If you do ask foro time off, then good luck

  3. sorry should say *will take in a post*
  4. I think most schools would be sympathetic to your situation - many people working in schools are, or have been, parents to young children too! However, no matter how sympathetic I can't see how a school could work around your requests.
  5. There's nothing to stop you applying for part time jobs, (I did my NQT "year" over two years, one at 0.4, one at 0.6), however, it may be harder for them to promise a particular timetable... or to ensure that any gaps in the timetable are at the start or end of a day. It may be necessary to go for a smaller number of hours to ensure you get one or two entire days off (that's what I got, but there was also some trapped time on the days I did come in too). Do remember that getting a final period free may not be ideal if there is an after school meeting on that day (though if you are part time you might not be expected at all of them)!

    Best wishes on finding something suitable. Liz
  6. alm721

    alm721 New commenter

    Are you asking to start later for 3 days in the first week or a permamently? If the later, you have no chance. If the former, I would say possibly but I would also think it would be difficult for school to accomodate this. Why 3 days? is this for any particular reason? I asked to start work slightly later the first 2 days that my daughter started school so I could take her and settle her in. My head agreed to this no problem. However, I had taught at this school for a while, my daughter started two days after we went back so I had the first 2 days with my form. My form were y10 and I had been with them since y7, so it wasn't a major problem and I only missed half and hour of 1 lesson which a college covered for me during her free so I didn't cause 'cover' to be found and there was minimal impact on the students.
    In your case it will be harder as you will be new to school so your pupils won't know you and you will have no idea of your timetable. I would say it is worth an ask, as a head may try and accomodate you if you are the best candidate and they feel it will not create too much of a problem. However, I would be wary of how you broach it. Saying you want to start late and finish early on the first 3 days is probably not the best way to get yourself a job if there are lots of other candidates.
    Good luck
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Could their dad or another relative not be available to settle them in at school?
    My sister is a Nursery teacher and her school gave her one morning for NQT time and an afternoon for PPA time. They were happy for her to take her PPA time at home so she was able to collect her children from school one day per week.
  8. Curae

    Curae Star commenter

    Thank you for your advice. This is learning process for me and I do want to set the right impression. Many thanks.

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