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NQT with a BFP!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by noeyedeer, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Firstly - congratulations!
    Secondly, don't wait to tell your head. They need to put in place measures immediately to ensure your safety. If it usually takes two of you to restrain this violent child then it isn't fair to put all that responsibility on your TA, nor to run any risks yourself.
    I would also question walking into an SMT meeting and announcing your news. Do you want lots of staff knowing immediately? I also don't think it's the right forum, I would find it quite bizarre if a member of staff walked into an SMT meeting to announce that they were pregnant. A quiet word with your head and/or line manager would be better.
    Good luck with your pregnancy and do remember that your safety and that of the baby must come first from now on.
  2. Congratulations Natcat, how exciting!!
  3. Hi all, thanks for the words of advice. Things are now complicated. Since my BFP on Friday I have had nothing but negative tests, I have used three different kinds of test all negative or with such a faint line its hard to tell if it is an evap line or not. I still have all of my symptoms, and am getting more nausous by the day but no more bfp. I have had no bleeding either. Wondering if anyone had any experience with this and was still pregnant with a happy outcome? Very down about it as I was so so so excited on Friday and now I dont know if I am pregnant. I read that there is no such thing as a false positive so I am guessing I was pregnant on friday.
    My friend said that she didnt get a BFP until 12 weeks so that gives me hope... Its hard to concentrate with all this going on but work is a good distraction.
  4. Have you done a digital test? Although expensive, it might be a more accurate test? i.e. rather than thinking is that/isn't that a line?
    Hope things work out for you.
  5. Got three lovely BFPs in a row last night. Think I must be one of those people who doesn't synthesis the HCG properly, there seems to be a short window of time in the evening where it come through to my urine! I have a 7 week scan booked for the 4th.

    I told my NQT mentor and she was quite cheerful about it. She advised waiting a bit till I tell the Head as she can be a bit funny.

    Exciting times!
  6. Yay! Really pleased that you got more BFPs finally. Now you can be truly excited, it's an amazing feeling. Good luck, hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy x

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