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NQT wanting to teach primary instead of secondary Modern Foreign Languages

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by stigofthedump, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. stigofthedump

    stigofthedump New commenter

    Please could somebody help me! My PGCE was in Modern Foreign Languages but I can't seem to get a place to complete my NQT year (I've only had one interview after 30 applications). I was thinking of changing over to primary......Is this possible and how do I go about doing it?
  2. stigofthedump

    stigofthedump New commenter

    OK thanks Carrie
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Without doing an LA conversion course you would find it very hard work having to meet the Induction standards in a sector that you are not familiar with. There will be no allowance for you having trained to teach older children. getting shortlisted for Primary is likely to be harder too as you won't be able to give any idea of how you would deal with Literacy, Numeracy etc and you won't be familiar with the NC Levels for that age range.
  4. stigofthedump

    stigofthedump New commenter

    Thanks Juliblee
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    QTS allows you to teach at whatever phase you can get a job in. A lot depends upon your local job market. In most places there is currently a shortfall of primary induction posts as the supply currently exceeds the demand. However with the expansion in primary numbers then there should be more opportunities in areas where the population is growing- it depends how long before the effect on jobs is felt. It can be a real uphill struggle to convince an interviewer you have the skills to deliver a curriculum for which you have not been trained. Ironically there is a predicted shortfall of trained teachers coming in future for MFL in secondary due to the increase in E Bacc take up?
  6. As mentioned, QTS means that you are qualifiued to teach and yesyou can apply for primaryu posts, but with no training or experience the liklihood of getting one is in my view remote, so you need to look for conversion courses (e.g. LA) as well as thinking perhaps about registering for supply (be aware of the current 16 month rule and any changes that come in later this year) and gaining on the ground experience in primary - an alternative may be voluntary work (if you are able) in primary to gain experience.
    The Sage
  7. Hello! Don't be downhearted (I know it's easy for me to say) - you WILL get there

    A couple of key points: I'm pretty sure the 16-month rule regarding your NQT year (ie doing supply cannot exceed 16 months) has been removed - contact the TDA at their office in Manchester and ask to speak to someone who can definitively answer this question - I did look into this last year, and if memory serves, it's no longer applicable

    I'm not aware of conversion courses secondary to primary - I know people are suggesting LAs - can they be more specfic ie which ones are offering it? HEIs may offer some, but I'm not aware of that either - I'll ask around

    Also, I'd ask Headteachers for feedback on your applications ie why you are not getting interviews - not all will answer RING and make an appointment to speak to them - some definitely will respond - don't expect to talk to them first time you ring, they are too busy - aren't we all - BUT if you make an appointment, that generally works

    Get a tutor from your PGCE course to review your applications, he/she will have some good pointers - are there any ex-Headteachers on your PGCE ie those who will have looked at many many applications in their career and can tell you exactly what they are looking for

    I have a Google Alert out for any Languages jobs - I'm seeing a good few every day (that's never happened before!) so there are definitely posts out there, increasing I think because of the Ebacc - keep your skills honed by doing supply - this also shows enthusiasm, commitment etc - register with as many agencies as you can

    Hope that helps - Good Luck!
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16mont5hs supply rule still applies and the proposed changes (to 5 years from gaining QTS to be allowed to take non-Induction teaching) may only apply to those qualifying this year.
    Whenever the new rules come in (expected shortly) they cannot be retrospective for those who qualified over 5 years ago, had a gap before supply teaching are only now reaching the end of their 16 month allowance.
    You count the 16 month allowance from the first day of taking teaching in a State school where it is not part of Induction. It expires 16 months later even if you only ever got booked for that one day of work. When the 16 months is about to expire (perhaps a month or so beforehand) teachers who have not yet started or complketed Induction can currently apply to all the LAs where they might get supply work asking for an extension. they have to prove that not having finished Induction is not their fault. LAs can award up to another 12 months to be employed in their schools for non-Induction teaching.
    All LAs should offer conversion courses or be able to point you in the right direction. You may have to wait, however, if they only run the courses once or twice per year. Ypically courses last about 8-10 weeks (not full time) and LAs used to provide a sort of Bursary.
    I did an LA conversion course for another Secondary specialism 2 years ago. It was a supposedly shortage subject (ha!) and I attended one day per week for 16 weeks, with one of the sessions in a school observing and helping out. I was paid £1600 at the end of the course. The 'bursary' was not paid if you didn't complete or were deemed unsuitable part way through the course. Most of the teachers on the course were in posts in another specialism and had agreed to teach the shortage subject. They carried on getting paid as usual.
  9. It is possible to do without a conversion course, although doing one couldn't harm your prospects.
    What is vital is a term or more doing voluntary work in a Primary school. This would need to be more regularly than once per week but not necessarily full time so you may be able to earn something from supply teaching whilst doing this.
  10. I did my PGCE in secondary history and then did supply for 2 to 3 months in secondary schools. I'd been applying for jobs, but I was beginning to feel my heart was elsewhere. I really fancied a move to primary but thought it was impossible.
    However, I didn't let this stop me. I looked up all my local primary schools and found out which ones had jobs going for NQTs. I sent out 71 letters to all primaries within a 3 mile radius with my CV and cover letter offering supply services. I then asked to volunteer at a school for a week (unpaid.) - this was mainly because supply agenices weren't very helpful in getting me into primary school as i was secondary trained. Really, I wanted experience of what primary was like and needed it on my CV. Then I applied for a job that came up there and...I got it!
    You don't need a conversion course, but you do need a whole load of determination and enthusiasm. I researched the school very very thoroughly before my interview and went in guns blazing. Because I'd been in, I'd worked with kids and taught lessons, and really showned how enthusiastic, helpful, efficient and just plain willing I was to do the job.
    And all the rest is history. I'm about 2 months fully qualified and just got a promotion onto the leadership team. It was the best thing I ever did. If you're really sure it's what you want, throw everything you've got at it!!!! Good luck!
  11. stigofthedump

    stigofthedump New commenter

    Thanks for the replies everyone :)
  12. Scooby_786

    Scooby_786 New commenter

    hi there

    im a 22 british asian male secondary humanities nqt wanting to convert into primary.

    quick qs
    1) of the 70 speculative letters you sent - did a school offer you some work, if so what role - TA?
    2) would you consider yourself lucky in getting that role which you later got (primary teacher)

    the reason i as is that i am so disheartened - i have applied for ample secondary jobs and only been invited for 2 interviews and i hate supply. i have been recognised as an outstanding teacher whilst on placement but i havent landed anything yet.

    i would be very grateful if you could answer my Qs - losing faith, hope and my sanity

  13. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    As far as numbers go, yes there are more primary Jobs out there (based on secondaries going for their subject jobs). However I have never heard of a case of a secondary teacher getting a primary job without having a relationship with a school first, and even so that is rare enough. Primary Jobs are very tough to get as well I have known of primary trained friends (I include myself in this) that have sent over 80 application forms and had very few interviews or none at all.

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