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NQT using someone else's planning.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by smallypauly, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Is it acceptable to for an NQT use another teacher from another school's planning for every subject or should they be planning for themselves.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Well I use planning from here as a great inspiration and I've been a teacher forever. I also use planning from friends who are more experienced than me in certain year groups. Why on earth shouldn't an NQT? I'd think they were daft if they did everything totally from scratch and never ever used anyone else's ideas.

    Plenty of teachers buy books or folders of plans to use. The fact that websites exist to provide downloads of plans and publishers make money from books, suggest that plenty of people do use ready made plans. Using those from a teacher one knows is probably a better option.

    Your post implies you do not think it is acceptable.
  3. I'm interested in why you're asking...
  4. I don't see what's wrong with using plans from elsewhere so long as they are adapted to meet the particular needs of the class being taught. I've never found any planning that I could use just as it is because it always needs a tweak here or there to suit the abilities/interests of the class. There is certainly no point trying to reinvent the wheel every time. Good planning is good planning, regardless of who writes it. Whether the delivery is any good... well, that can be an entirely different matter!
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I have often used anothers brilliant ideas.........there is no shame a liong as you dont claim its your original work....you aint got time or the knowledge to plan everything.......
    You adapt the work to suit your class and amment targets//////if they lifted it wholesale than i reckon i wouldnt be too happy..as folk often did using hamilton schemes!
  6. SansAtout

    SansAtout New commenter

    It's acceptable, just... but I would hope they were tweaking it to fit their own class. I know we all (or almost all) plagiarise, cannibalise and adapt planning in some subjects, but I would strongly encourage an NQT to try planning some subjects for themselves, just so they start to think about what they really need to teach their particular class of students. Ultimately, the test is in the teaching and learning. If their teaching is good, and their pupils are learning well, then it's working for them. If observations suggest a mismatch between the lesson content and the children's level, then I would be demanding a rethink from the NQT.
  7. I'm in two minds about this one. On the one hand, I know it's overwelming as an NQT at times, so using someone else's planning might be ok, but planning should come from where the children are ideally.
    So I think it's fine to use planning for foundation subjects that have come from elsewhere, I would prefer them to use their own planning for maths and english. Planning should ultimately come from assessing the needs of the children.
  8. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    And if those needs are met by a plan already written, then don't bother to rewrite it in a different colour just to pretend it is your own would be my advice to the NQTs in my school. If the lesson doesn't go as it should, then planning is one thing to look at.

    Actually I will be mentoring an NQT next year who will be sharing a year group with a teacher who uses the 100 naff lessons for lazy teachers books as her bibles for both maths and literacy. If the NQT says 'you know what, I have these great plans from my friend in such and such a school and look how great and exciting they are' I would encourage her to use those rather than continue with the books. It might actually be a good stepping stone towards getting the experienced teacher to actually think a bit about lessons. Though I can imagine her posting here with the complaint that this flippin NQT just uses plans from another teacher!
  9. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Spot on. The amount of faffing about some teachers feel the need to do is amazing.
  10. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    As an NQT I'm constantly being told not to give myself extra work reinventing a wheel. So yes, I have used and will continue to use numerous plans from here and friends in my classroom and personally I don't have an issue with it and none of my mentors, teachers or tutors ever have, in fact it's been encouraged. That doesn't mean that I just print out plans without really looking at them and use them in the classroom or that I use them for every lesson but there are few that I do completely from scratch without looking at others for inspiration. Often I'll plan a lesson magpieing different ideas from different plans to create a lesson that will fit my class and what I want to do. Even if I do use someone elses lesson plan, it will usually need tweaking at least a little but as minnieminx said, I have no problems with using a plan as it is if it does happen to fit the needs of the children in my class, it's not too often that that's the case though, there's usually at least a little tweaking. I completely agree with minnieminx, I'd much rather see people using plans from others that are tried, tested and work well than from those books, can't stand them myself.
  11. roise

    roise New commenter

    Of course it's fine for a NQT to base her planning on the the previous teachers, she knew all the resources available and understood the the agendas and protocols for the school, not to mention that it avoids the awfulness of teaching a year group for the first time and not being able to think of any activity that matches the LO you need to be teaching. As long as they understand that they need to adapt it for their current class and they are free to try new ideas of their own. I have always left my own planning for the next teacher in that class NQT or not and had planning left for me. It seems mean spirited not to.
  12. I didn't say ignore all other planning. As I said in my original post, I'm in two minds about this. As an NQT, I relied on other people's planning, from 100 Naff lessons, to Primary resources and anything else I could get my hands on. If I found a fantastic lesson now, I wouldn't pretend it's my own, I'd acknowledge the person whose lesson it is. Now I have more experience, I tend to rewrite my lessons constantly as IDEALLY, planning should ultimately come from assessing the needs of the children.
  13. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I know and I'm so sorry that my response reads as if I thought you did. I didn't mean it that way at all, but seeing it quoted with your original just there shows me that it reads that way.

    Just have a lesson that suits the needs of the children, s o d where it comes from!
  14. I teach in Year 2 and it will be my third year in Y2 in September. I worked with an NQT last year and we planned together, it's very easier to do and we do share a lot of ideas. In my first year as a NQT I taught in Year 3/4 and found it very difficult to plan at first as you have never taught before and don't know if it fits in the cirriculiam. I would have loved to have had someone elses planning at first, thankfully our school turned into a two form entry the year after and I share planning with my colleuage who works in the other class.
  15. Yes we HAD to plan from scratch in the sense that we were given topics that hasn't been taught in the school before (as we previously followed QCA/units or whatever). I choose to use my initiative and find ideas/plans/ask on here etc.
    Can I just reiterate that I am not of the thinking that this person shouldn't use others planning. I just wanted to ask for the opinions of other professionals who are not in my school.
  16. Elfreda6969

    Elfreda6969 New commenter

    I'm afraid that consensus is wrong. How is an NQT meant to know what and how to plan? If my PGCE was anything to go by, she is lucky to have taught these skills at all. I learnt how to plan DURING and after my NQT induction year and not before it. I was constantly saying to my self - "Why didn't they teach me this at college?!"
    Planning is often based on experience of what is effective, inspiring to children and approrpriate for them. Many NQTs do not have this experience, or have limited experience.
    Why should an NQT be made to re-invent something that is already available. S/he will learn in time to adapt it to the needs of her class. Rather than making this poor teacher waste hours of her time (and it will take her hours and hours) you and your colleagues should be helping and supporting and guiding him/her to making appropriate adaptations.
    I often use planning ideas from others as, frankly, some of my ideas are pretty rubbish or downright daft!

  17. To be honest i think she is showing great initiative! If I was given ( rather than aloud to choose for myself which sounds daft!) complatly new topics I would be looking for planning from others who have done the topics and build upon it- rather than reinventing what has already been done
  18. But surely in order to teach from the plan you have to think it through yourself and know, inside out, what you are doing and why. You can't read someone else's mind when you read their plan, so it is difficult to see where their ideas come from, how they envisage it working, why they are doing it in a particular way. All this is likely to be based on what their class was like. So I would say, as long as this person is using another teacher's planning as a guide to producing her own - that's fine. If she is adopting another teacher's planning wholesale in the belief that she will also thus become an outstanding teacher, she will come unstuck. It is important to bring your own ideas and creativity to the planning process - as hopefully this NQT will soon realise.

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