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NQT time in 2 day week

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by orolin, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone can help me. I've just completed two terms of my NQT year and so will have the third to complete from September. I'm staying in the same school but will be working two days a week on a supply contract. I was just wondering where I stand in regards to PPA and NQT time. Because it's a supply contract does this mean I'm not entitled to any? And does that also mean that these days will not count towards my last NQT term at all?
    Thanks to anyone who can help!
  2. So 2/5 of the afternoon that most teachers get.
    approx 48 minutes - so one lesson - so out of the 8 lessons you will probably have with your class you want to miss one of them?
    I would rather be with my class. I am a full time teacher and I get 2 hours and I get some planning done then as well as marking etc.
    I spend lots of time after school and at weekends working I would expect you to be able to get 2 days worth done in approx 2 fifths of this time - so maybe working 1 night after school would get it done!!
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you are planning and assessing and employed for at least a term's length (p/t or f/t) it has to be part of induction so you'd get PPA and NQT time.
    What is your contract ratio? 0.4, I presume. You should then beable to work out 4 tenths of a full timers PPA and4 tenths of a f/t NQT's extra 105 timetable reduction.
    The combined PPA and NQT time should be built into your 2 days in school. A full timer would not be with their class for their PPA/NQT time and it's no different (just a lesser time period out of the classroom) for a part-timer.
    Working 0.4 would require you to be employed for 2.5 terms to complete an Induction term. You should be observed within the first 10 weeks and again in the second half of the extended Induction period (as a minimum).

  4. agw31

    agw31 New commenter

    It really depends on your contract, and you need to talk to school.
    I am working on a temp contract for 0.4 FT. I then have a separate contract for my PPA/NQT time + I cover my job share's PPA time (just under 0.2FT). When my NQT is finished I guess my contract will change.

    You need to check the follwoing things with school:
    1) Will you be working 2 days a week fully? If so, you are entitled to 1/5 of that EXTRA for NQT time to be paid. If not, you should be allowed 1/5 of your 2 days a week of non-contact time.
    2) If you are on a temporary contract (is that what you mean by supply?) then you can still count it toward NQT, however your school needs to agree to this and sponsor you. Given they already have for 2 terms, they will probably continue to do so. Keep a record of how many extra days you work if they call you in for extra supply as it can all count.
  5. You are entitled to PPA and NQT time even on a minimum part time contract. You should not have to ask for it and you should not feel pressured to not have it due to the fact that you are working only 2 days per week. In a case such as this what often happens is that you accumulate time across the weeks and have a meaningful block of time off for PPA/NQT matters.

    You need to discuss with the school how they would like to arrange the time so that it is manageable for them and useful to you - so you could accumulate time and have a full morning or afternoon for preparation and NQT or even a full day - for example for a course that you attend.


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